Science proves: Mars also knows 'deflated'

It turns out that on Mars there are many layers of methane that are constantly spraying from the craters.

If you talk about methane, you may only remember the chemistry knowledge when you were in high school, but for scientists, that might be proof that there was life on Mars.

For the first time, scientists were able to confirm methane gas on Mars . Scientists have found methane gas near the Gale crater on the Martian surface on June 16, 2013 with the Mars Express probe satellite, scientists reported.

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Scientists have discovered methane gas near the Gale crater.

Methane was repeatedly discovered on the atmosphere and on the surface of the planet when the Viking ship sampled the Martian soil in the 1970s. The Viking "Labeled Release" experiment not only found presence. of methane gas but also a hint of the possibility of living microorganisms on this planet.

However, it is difficult to verify a study of methane detection on Mars with another independent tool. This leads to persistent arguments about whether there is actually a life or microorganism, the main cause of methane production.

The author writes: "The results presented in this paper not only corroborate the previous findings of Curiosity, but at a wider angle, it may change our view of the occurrence of methane. "On Mars. Our data shows that the presence of methane gas on Mars may be characteristic of small-scale events and short emission times."

The study, though not mentioning exactly where Martian methane comes from, seems to have confirmed that Mars is actually "farting".

The results from the study will help scientists focus on understanding more about potential sources of methane emissions on the surface of Mars, thereby exploring the chances of survival on the planet. red.

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