Selected 100 people to Mars, live and do not return

The selection has filtered out 100 people out of more than 200,000 candidates, then only 24 people will be chosen to live on Mars.

>> The reason humans choose Mars to "land"

The idea of ​​leaving Earth to live on Mars seems quite crazy and not many people think about it, but the recent recruitment of Martians attracted 200,000 applicants from around the world.

This project was built by Mars One, a Dutch non-profit organization with the desire to recruit the most suitable people to live on Mars and . never return.

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Accordingly, from more than 200,000 people, they will select 100 candidates (50 men and 50 women) after physical and mental tests, and a little understanding of where they are going to settle is Mars.

After that, there will be only 24 most suitable people out of 100 selected people and put on "red planet" in 6 separate trips.

This is not a travel trip because they will have to live, and of course will also die there, because the distance from Earth to Mars is about more than 225 million kilometers. It will take nearly 6 months for NASA to travel with the fastest type of rail, which means they will have to spend that much time in an extremely quiet, isolated and weightless space. In addition, according to the calculations of experts, even if they have experienced a long journey with countless risks, from the launch to landing of the spacecraft, they cannot live too long. here. The most modern technologies can only maintain human life on Mars for a maximum of 68 days.

In the Mars One list of 100 recently announced new people, most of them are quite excellent people, including programmers, students, business staff, . A Vietnamese named Quoc Anh , born in 1982 is also on this list.

This project is being raised on KickStarter, with the desire to get $ 6 billion. And if successful, the 24 most suitable people will start on Mars in 2024.

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