Start selling 'one-way tickets to Mars'

The process of selecting the first 4 astronauts for a one-way flight to the red planet begins yesterday.

Last year Mars One, a Dutch company, announced that they would recruit people for the journey to Mars in 2013. From April 22, those who want to go to the red planet can apply for, Space reported.

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Candidates must be over 18 years of age and intend to live the rest of their lives on Mars. Mars One does not provide criteria for maximum age, nationality, gender, religion, language or technical level. If the candidate does not speak English, they will learn this language for several years if the Mars One chooses them.

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"We will choose people with intelligence, courage, determination, talent, mentality," Gerard 't Hooft, representative of Mars One, explained the selection criteria during the press conference. April 22.

Hoot, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist, stressed that recruiting people would be an extremely difficult task. Each candidate will have to pay a small fee - from 5 to 75 USD according to the per capita income of the country in which they live. For example, each candidate from the US will pay 38 USD.

Mars One calculated that they would need about $ 6 billion to bring the first four people to Mars. In addition to the cost of the candidate, the Dutch company hopes that they will earn money from a reality TV show. This program will report on the selection process and training of successful candidates to become astronauts.

Bringing some people to Mars to live the rest of the life on it is a crazy idea for many people. However, management board Mars One confirmed they received about 10,000 emails from those who wanted to go to the red planet. The company hopes they will recruit astronauts from all over the world to create a diverse community of nationality, religion and skin color on Mars.

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