706 people won 4 tickets to Mars

The Mars One program with the goal of bringing people from Earth to conquer Mars has been very dramatic. To date, 706 people are competing for the first 4 levels to travel to the red planet.

>>>Mars One plans to build a settlement on Mars

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Outline the first residence on Mars - (Photo: ilikewhatihear.com)

Sue Ann Pien, a resident of Los Angeles (USA), said that up to 202,000 people applied to participate, through the preliminary round ended in September 2013, the remaining 706. The first six groups of people who wanted to go up Fire (each group of 4) will be established in 2015, they have 7 years to prepare for this mission.

According to the plan, some robots will be sent to Mars during the 2016-2020 period, they will build in front of residential modules and living facilities to prepare to welcome people. After two years of completing the mission, the robots will retreat to the second row to allow the spacecraft to land people on Mars from 2022 and land on the red planet in 2023, which is a one-way flight with time. flight time of 7 months.

The first flight consisted of two men and two female astronauts. After that every other year every other person will be taken to this place. Voice of Russia quoted Bas Lansdorp, Mars One Program Director, said English was chosen as the official language on Mars.

The Dutch company launched the Mars One project in 2011. The goal is to bring manned spacecraft to Mars to create a new living platform in this place. The event will be broadcast on world television stations.

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