100,000 people registered on Mars

The Mars One project "One-way trip to Mars" has attracted more than 100,000 registrations worldwide, far exceeding the original plan.

Of the 100,000 applications, US citizens occupied 30,000 people. Among thousands of subscribers, only 40 of the best applications are accepted and only four of them will make the first trip to Mars.

According to Mars One, the first trip is scheduled to leave the launch pad in September 2022 and land on Red Planet in April 2023. Of course, all four will never return to Earth.

Picture 1 of 100,000 people registered on Mars
A potential candidate demonstrates support with absolute spirit in this mission of Mars One - (Photo: Daily Mail)

Lansdrop, managing director of Mars One, told CNN that each application will pay a fee corresponding to the national average per capita product, for example, for Mexican citizens to pay a fee of 15. USD, US must pay 38 USD. He said: 'We want that fee not too high nor too low for attendees to take it seriously.'

The winners will be trained for eight years. Candidates in the first batch will be completely isolated in a few months of each two-year period to increase the ability of candidates to adapt to life later on Mars.

Picture 2 of 100,000 people registered on Mars
Mars One's one-way trip to Mars is extremely attractive, now the number has risen to over 100,000 subscribers - (Photo: Daily Mail)

Candidates will be trained to repair physics, electronics, plant trees in confined spaces, solve medical problems . Besides, they must be familiar with not bathing and eating dry, closed food. box for several months corresponds to a seven-month journey to Mars. Applicants are also required to complete three hours of exercise each day to maintain muscle.

All the living activities of these courageous astronauts will be broadcast live on earth. The first trip to Mars is expected to cost about $ 6 million.

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