What do people prepare for the work of taking people to Mars?

To conquer Mars in the future, basically, people need large-scale transport, residence, food and sustainable energy.

Getting people to Mars is not something too far away. Many countries, corporations and even individuals have announced plans to conquer Mars over the next 10-20 years. However, putting people on Mars is one thing, building the whole city for hundreds of thousands of people is another story. To do this, basically people need large-scale transportation, residence, food and sustainable energy.

What steps have the world made in preparing to conquer Mars?


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To conquer Mars, humans first need to set foot on this planet. One of the most important people-to-Mars transport projects in recent years has been the technology billionaire Elon Musk. The spacecraft currently developed by SpaceX Corporation is capable of carrying 100 people and goods on each trip. The first experimental unmanned train will be launched in 2018 and the goal is to bring people to Mars from 2024.

Recently, the US Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has also announced a powerful missile model, aimed at transporting people and goods to Mars in the future.


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Unlike Earth, Mars has a harsh environment including ultraviolet rays, radiation, as well as dust storms. Therefore, houses built on Mars must also have their own designs. Recently, NASA has revealed the idea that dome houses are inflated and covered with thick ice to make living and working places for people on Mars. It is worth noting that this house has a light design, easy to assemble and transport.

Another model has just been introduced in the UK. Mars houses will be built with fired bricks from the soil on the Red planet along with recycled pieces from the spacecraft. This house is designed to withstand the harsh environment on Mars


In order to live long on Mars, people must maintain a supply of food and cultivation is also taken into account. Scientists at the Wageningen University Research Center in the Netherlands are experimenting with growing some plants such as tomatoes, rye, radish, peas, leeks, curry lettuce, watercress and chives on The simulated ground is almost like the soil conditions on Mars.

After a period of planting, these plants grow quite well, far beyond the expectations of scientists. However, the study only uses soil to simulate soil samples on Mars, but not to consider other harsh conditions such as erratic hot and cold climate, no oxygen and toxic radiation in the atmosphere.


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Building and maintaining a city on Mars requires a lot of energy. Scientists have considered taking advantage of the available solar energy on the planet. In addition, it is also taken into account the thermal energy conversion in the decay reaction of radioactive substances used to power the machines, or robots, for construction. The current drawback is that scientists must find new solutions to store energy.

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