More than 78,000 people registered on Mars not back

Although the process of bringing people to Mars not returning from the Dutch company Mars One has not been officially announced, the number of applicants has exceeded 78,000.

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Artwork of settlers on Mars. (Photo:

Mars One CEO, Mr. Bas Lansdrop announced: 'There have been more than 78,000 applications for admission within 2 weeks, this shows that this is the most desirable work in history. The above number meets our goal of receiving half a million registered users. '

The first batch of Mars One will recruit 24 people to train for a 4-person trip in 2022, to Mars in 2023 and the following years with the plan to set up a residence for 20 people on Mars by 2033.

The final round will be chosen by TV viewers among 20 to 40 qualified people according to recruitment requirements and well trained to get the first 4 people to Mars.

Mars One has no plans for these people to return to Earth, they must live in difficult conditions on Mars with the atmosphere mainly carbon dioxide, average temperature up to 63 degrees C, self-made water and oxygen as well as growing food to eat.

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