Colombus was not the first to find America and the two controversial facts behind him

Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Christopher Columbus are all names that have given mankind great discoveries and discoveries. But sometimes, their achievements still have some misunderstanding in them.

Who invented the light bulb (electric light)?

When it comes to light bulbs, the first name to jump into your head must be Thomas Edison. But you don't know that in all of Thomas Edison's recognized inventions, light bulbs are the most suspect invention. Why?

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Thomas Edison.

According to Bulbs, many historians claim that Thomas Edison was not the first and only person to find a way to create a light bulb.Before the incandescent lamp of Thomas Edison, there were over 20 versions of light bulbs were born , in which the first light bulb was arc lamp invented by Humphry Davy - a physicist and chemist. studying people from Cornwall, United Kingdom.

That is not to deny Edison's efforts, but to give the fact that there are many people who contribute to creating our light bulbs today. In particular, Edison's bulbs are still much more widely known and used than previous light bulbs, thanks to their superiority in all three factors: the light-emitting material effectively, the highest vacuum level. No version is available.

2. Henry Ford was the inventor of cars?

Henry Ford was not only known for his inventions and he contributed to the auto industry, but also as the "worker champion". Because, the salary that Ford paid for his workers when it was $ 5 - twice the normal.

That's right, Ford was able to pay that high salary to his workers, and they were well deserved. Because after the time when Ford Model T was born (1908) a few days, there were 15,000 orders appeared.

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Henry Ford is also known as the "worker struggle".

Ford's Model T was then the first car to have a price that allowed the middle class in the US to buy, thereby making a big step forward in the American auto industry. And so, many people think that Ford was the one who invented the first car.

But the truth is not. The first car was created by a German car manufacturer - Karl Benz in 1885 (before the 20-year Model T).

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The first car.

Above is the world's first auto-run vehicle invented by Benz, which is considered funny in an eerie way. Since not only is a complex and expensive car, this model was designed by Benz with machines and engines mounted behind a carriage.

Christopher Colombus was the first European to discover America?

On August 3, 492, Christopher Columbus left Palos, southern Spain, to find a way to Asia, heading west instead of the East as usual. It was this journey that inadvertently led to the discovery of America.

And that is the knowledge that perhaps we all can go to high school. The only thing is that it is not necessarily true.

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The first European to "see" the American k must be Colombus.

In fact, America was originally an uninhabited continent, later discovered by people from North Asia. These nomads have become indigenous people here, and the first Europeans to discover America is Leif Erikson.

Leif Erikson is the son of Erik the Red, the founder of the icy Greenland neighborhood. About how Leif Erikson has found America has two different sources of information.

According to the folklore of Greenland (Saga of the Greenlanders), Erikson knows America because of hearing from Bjarni Herjólfsson's story. Bjarni Herjólfsson accidentally discovered the continent of North America because his boat drove westward on his way to Greenland. Then, around 1000, a 35-man crew led by Leif Erikson departed to find the land as Bjarni's words.

Thus, Bjarni was the first European to "see" the Americas, but did not set foot.

However, according to the Saga of Erik the Red, on the way from Norway back to Greenland to spread Christianity, Leif Erikson accidentally discovered Vinland due to the diversion of the boat. Vinland is a Norwegian name given to the land of the Americas that he set foot on. The following discoveries are recognized by Thorfinn Karlsefni and his wife, Gudrid.

According to archaeological evidence, the name Vinland (meaning wine land) reflects the development of wild grapes here. Another area Leif called Markland is very rich in the forest, where there are many woody plants to harvest and use.

So, did Colombian people find some America before? This is still controversial. However, the fact that Colombus was the discoverer of America is still being recognized by history, so at the moment it is still the standard knowledge that we need to grasp.

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