Da Nang reached the top 20 cleanest cities in the world

A good news pleases people and local authorities when Da Nang City, one of 20 cities in the world is recognized and honored as a city with clean air with the lowest amount of carbon .

This is an affirmation at the 44th Asia - Pacific Cooperation Forum (APEC) energy conference in Washington recently. In assessing the criteria for classification of clean cities, Da Nang is recognized as one of the 20 cities in the world with the lowest carbon content in emissions.

With this recognition, in the coming time, TP. Da Nang will receive $ 600,000 from the World Bank to invest in research and evaluation projects to improve the environment.

City People's Committee Chairman Da Nang Van Huu Chien stated that Danang will do its best for a green, clean and beautiful city. A city that meets the environmental standards.

Picture 1 of Da Nang reached the top 20 cleanest cities in the world
A corner of Danang view from above.

Mr. Van Huu Chien said that to achieve this recognition, the city government. In the past decade, Da Nang has synchronously implemented urban embellishment projects and green trees projects and submitted 4 typical projects to limit carbon emissions into the natural environment, including: projects use electric bicycles, subway, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and use new energy, build fast bus system in June 2012.

These projects are being submitted to the government and approved authorities will be synchronized in the coming years, Mr. Chien said.

In the report submitted to the 44th Asia-Pacific Cooperation Forum (APEC) energy conference, with the results of surveys, surveys, Da Nang Department of Natural Resources and Environment implemented many measures of copper The ministry has reduced 12,000 tons of carbon into the environment through energy-efficient projects.

Action plan to bring Da Nang city into a green, clean, friendly city with environment starting from 2016-2020 with specific strategies and objectives such as 100% of industrial and domestic waste water processed; 70% of solid waste is recycled; 25% of water is reused. Da Nang strives to complete the construction of the project: 'Environmental City in 2020'.

This recognition will serve as a basis for TP. Da Nang strives to achieve the criteria of a civilized, environmentally friendly city and a city worth living in the world in the near future.