Discover 4 true divine medicines

Making sisters tired of feminine men, helping people behave honestly, turning "rotten bomb" into chocolate smell .

Real psychotropic drugs

World medicine is growing rapidly and strongly. Every day, every hour, we witness new impressive inventions in this area.

Among these inventions, there are products that even in your dreams you cannot imagine appearing on Earth. The "divine" medicines below are typical examples of the above judgment.

1. Vitamins help people pay off

We all know Chi Pheo's famous saying " Who gives me honesty? " In the literature of writer Nam Cao. That saying leaves us a lot of reflection on life. But perhaps, if Chi Pheo is true, his desire to be a good person will become a reality with a kind of 1-0-2 honest food in the world.

This is a multivitamin developed based on studies conducted by a juvenile crime research team in Aylesbury, Buckingham.

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Accordingly, scientists have successfully demonstrated this synthetic vitamin significantly improves the violent behavior of prisoners after about a month of use. In particular, they promote very good use in people of the "young buffalo " group from 18 to 21 years old.

Specifically, the trials were carried out on 231 prisoners aged between 18 and 21. They were divided into two groups, a group of people who received good vitamins extracted from fruits, the other group were given fake medicines. used.

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After 2 weeks, among the prisoners who were given honest vitamins, it was noted that the proportion of violent acts decreased by 37% at a serious level and 33% at the normal level compared to only 10% and 6 , 5% in people who take regular vitamins.

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The status of young buffaloes has decreased significantly after using honest vitamins

Explaining this use, expert Bernard Gesch from Oxford pointed out that it is the amount of micronutrients in vitamins that helps people better control violent behavior.

In particular, the two components of zinc and vitamin B in this type of medicinal drug have a very strong effect, helping the brain to control anger and the ability of people to act thoughtlessly.

2. Pills turn rotten bombs into chocolate smells

These special pills were developed by French inventor - Christian Poinchval, 65 years old. In 2006, after attending a party and suffering from " suffocation " due to " rotten bombs" , Christian was determined to study to find a solution to the problem.

He analyzed that, when being vegetarian, people " released " the smell of vegetables, like cow dung. If we eat meat, the " bomb " will be more smelly because of the presence of organic substances in food.

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The day this prospect disappears will not be far away .

Christian finally found the answer. With ingredients such as vegetables, dill, seaweed, blueberries, some kinds of cocoa tree and aromatherapy, he developed a super unique medicine.

On the one hand, the medicine helps reduce flatulence for the drinker. On the other hand, the active ingredients in it can turn off unpleasant odors in "bombs " into scented flavors such as roses, violets and chocolates.

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. because the scent of chocolate is hard to resist

Currently, this drug is sold at a price that is not cheap at all. Customers will have to spend about 23 USD (about 500 thousand VND) for 60 "gods " of Christian pills.

3. Drugs that make women tired of guys

If before, strong, angular men will attract all girls, today, many women are tired of the guy with slender body, even slightly " rhythm ".

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Why is that? According to scientists, the main reason is because of a common drug that many women are using today - birth control pills.

Specifically, Sheffield University research shows that, during the menstrual cycle, before the eggs are released, women will see more attractive male men.

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Birth control pills are not only used to control fertility, but also change male American standards over generations

When using birth control pills, chemicals in the drug inhibit the activity of testosterone secreted in the female body . Consequently, they will pay more attention to guys who look like a boy or are only interested in men's personalities.

4. The gods help dispel the painful memories

In the past, in a study of heart disease treatment, Dutch scientists accidentally had a very special finding.

Accordingly, they found a protein called lipocalin-2 that eradicates the painful memories of patients with cardiovascular disorders.

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With the inspiration from that accidental discovery, experts at Leicester University have been conducting further studies on the effect of the said protein, especially at the joints of nerve cells.

They found that human memory and memory activity involved flat joints and fungal joints in the brain. In it, memories will be remembered by the second type of coupling.

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When stressed, the brain releases its own lipocalin-2, which helps to reduce the mushroom-like joints , so that sad memories are less deep in people's minds.

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According to Dr. Robert Pawlak, research project leader, in the near future, people will find ways to increase the amount of protein mentioned above. At that time, a new kind of medicinal spirit will come out with a special purpose to help clean up all the painful memories we encounter.

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