Discover many strange 'alien creatures' in the deep sea

The creatures that detect deep seabed off Australia provide a whole new perspective on the evolution of marine species.

Australian scientists have discovered samples of organisms at the deep seabed 4 km, where there is almost no food, light and extremely large water pressure. Some creatures were collected at a depth of 4.8 km - the record depth that an Australian research vessel has ever touched.

Picture 1 of Discover many strange 'alien creatures' in the deep sea
Arowana species are discovered by scientists.

Picture 2 of Discover many strange 'alien creatures' in the deep sea
Lizard fish was discovered.

Picture 3 of Discover many strange 'alien creatures' in the deep sea
The faceless fish was discovered.

The results include more than 100 species of fish, including many as alien creatures that science has never known. Some interesting creatures can be mentioned as lizard fish, deep sea dragon fish.

However, the starfish living in the deep sea floor is considered the most important discovery - contributing to decoding the evolutionary secrets that have produced a multitude of different marine species. Accordingly, scientists have discovered the evolutionary process depends on geography, weather and ecological environment.

Previously, scientists believed that evolution took place faster in tropical seas with higher temperatures. This new finding proves that these assumptions are false.

Lead researcher Tim O'Hara said the development of the most 'blooming' species in the coldest sea area is Antarctica. Over time, new species evolved alongside newly formed ice. Meanwhile, relatively stable conditions in tropical waters slow down the speed of production of new species.

Seabed cracks where scientists discover organisms are the deepest and largest habitat on Earth - occupying half of the oceans on the planet. However, this is also the least explored area.

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