Discovering an alien city on Mercury?

A UFO expert believes that NASA's strange photos taken from Mercury show traces of a city on this 400-degree C planet.

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According to Scott Waring, a UFO (unidentified flying object) expert, photographs of NASA's Mariner-10 satellite (US National Aeronautics Agency) show that, on the surface of the red planet Mercury has structures that are not cracked and dust-free. He believes that it is evidence of the "occupying" aliens there.

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The strange image of Mercury is believed to be a trace of aliens

This is not the first time such a special statement has appeared. Not long after the image of the Martian surface was taken, it was believed there was a city with Mars pyramids and runways. Then using high resolution images reveals a rocky and dusty landscape like everywhere else on Mars.

Earlier this year, some people believed, there was a large secret base on the Moon, like Nazi military base in the fictional movie Iron Sky , supposedly found by map analysis. Google's moon. But this fact is due to the effect by the software to compress a series of images into a panoramic picture caused.

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This may be the same mistake as declaring a pyramid on Mars

Return to Mercury's story as stated above. If there really is a city structure built on this planet, it will have tremendous strength. Because the temperature on Mercury can be up to 600 0 C at night to day transfer, 400 0 C during the day and -170 0 at night. That's not to mention the volcanic activity above Mercury.

Based on blurry images taken from NASA's small satellite Mariner-10, it has made a map of Mercury's surface interaction, after five years of research, Waring experts felt very excited and excited to declare. I found evidence on Mercury's surface, similar to the evidence on Mars discovered 10 years ago by Viking satellites.'It was a large-scale structure and appeared as if I was looking at the face of a statue on earth, but with a height of dozens of floors ,' Warning said.

These structures are called 'hidden honeycomb structures' by Warning experts. He said that with a powerful infrared filter from Mariner-10, that's what happened to the shadow areas on Mercury in this photo. Even the shadows inside the honeycomb structure change their shape. These structures located near the hills will have a distance. Warning believe, these are special photos of Mariner-10 that other normal photos of Mercury cannot have.

Warning then used techniques to highlight a series of blurs on a series of images and said there was a large structure built on Mercury. He believed that it was an alien city. ' People often misunderstand the aliens' construction structures are the same as what people have seen. Most structures on Mercury are like black mountains on the moon or giant white mushrooms on the moon, making finding aliens difficult , "Warning asserted.

However, analysts said that Warning expert ignored the digital nature of the images of Mercury that he was investigating. It's not just images taken from huge distances in harsh conditions, but also a mixture of different images at different times that have been patched together. So Warning's claims will probably soon be broken like a dream of a Nazi secret base on the Moon or a pyramid on Mars.

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