Discovering stone carvings of 2.6 million years old

Stone carvings discovered by fishermen in southeastern Adiyaman, Turkey, are attracting gender attention because it may date from the Stone Age.

This 2.6 million-year-old stone carving has a length of up to 8m, a width of 70cm with a description of the hunting and gathering scene of the ancient people.

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A part of the new stone carvings was discovered in Turkey.

This particular painting has been deep in the water for a long time. It was recently discovered by Turkish fishermen when water from the Atatürk dam was discharged 10 - 15m.Atatürk Dam is a compacted rock dam with a central core point located on the Euphrates River on the border of Adiyaman Province and Southeastern Anatolia Province of Turkey.

Directly surveying and studying this special stone carvings, Adiyaman museum director said the carved picture was quite rudimentary but showed very well the human and ancient scenes. Besides, the scene of hunters chasing prey 2.6 million years ago.

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Mehmet Alkan, Adiyaman museum director directly surveyed the ancient stone painting 2.6 million years.

According to a survey of archaeologists, although under the water for a long time, the state of this petroglyph is still quite good.

Currently researchers are taking advantage of the time to do tests with this new discovery before the water in the dam surges again.

Adiyaman is one of Turkey's remarkable tourist destinations because it includes Mount Nemrut. The United Nations Scientific, Educational and Cultural Organization UNESCO has recognized Turkey's Nemrut Mountain as a World Cultural Heritage in 1987. Nemrut is a mountain of 2,134m above sea level. The area is famous for its sunset and beautiful sunsets.

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