Do you want to know your future?

Only 1% of people want to know their future under any circumstance, and only 10% are willing to receive predictions of negative events , psychologists said in a post in the Psychological magazine. Review.

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Prophet Vanga.(Photo: AP).

Mankind always thinks about how to change our lives, if people are able to predict future events, stop them or facilitate those events to appear. In thousands of artworks and hundreds of religious texts, this issue is exploited from the positive and the negative.

Gerd Gigerenzer, the famous German psychologist and Maria Garcia-Retamero's colleague from the University of Granada (Spain), decided to explore the abilities of ordinary people in Germany and Spain.

Researchers interviewed nearly 2,000 people across the country and came to an unexpected conclusion - only 1% of respondents wanted absolute ability to predict the future, regardless of what it brought. Another 10% wanted to be able to predict adverse events, and 30% wanted to see favorable results.

The only exception is the birth of the child: nearly 63% of respondents want to know the birth date and gender of the child.

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