Future Museum - New world icon in Dubai?

In the future, those who drive through the largest Sheikh Zayed highway in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) will see an architecture shaped like a giant eye rising next to the Emirates Tower complex.

New icon in Dubai

Picture 1 of Future Museum - New world icon in Dubai?
The Future Museum is under construction in Dubai.In the picture is the perspective view of the museum.(Photo: Dubai Future Organization)

It is the architecture of the Future Museum building in Dubai. This eye-shaped architecture is technically called a torus shape (rounded edges around the base of the column).

According to CNN, the Future Museum is Dubai's latest ambition to build unique architectural buildings.

Picture 2 of Future Museum - New world icon in Dubai?
The museum will be an eye-catching building in Dubai.(Photo: Dubai Future Organization).

This design has won many awards, even though the museum will not open until next year.

The interior plan of the Future Museum is equally ambitious in appearance.

Picture 3 of Future Museum - New world icon in Dubai?
78m high museum, including 6 exhibition spaces and an auditorium.(Photo: Dubai Future Organization).

The museum will be the place to explore the biggest technologies and challenges that contribute to shaping the future, from climate change to medical breakthroughs.

The museum is the initiative of the Future Organization Dubai, led by the Dubai King Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The organization is responsible for turning Dubai into a creative hub and a testing ground for emerging technologies.

Picture 4 of Future Museum - New world icon in Dubai?
Natural light flooded inside the museum.(Photo: Dubai Future Organization).

In the first introduction, the Future Museum will implement a series of interim programs to promote technology roles in areas such as health, climate change and food security. Later, the museum will have programs going deeper into similar topics.

The director of the museum, Lath Carlson, said: 'We don't focus on flashy, fictional devices. We want to focus on questions like: Can people live on a space station near Earth orbit? How do we react when the ecosystem collapses? How can we focus on the mental and physical health of future people? '

Picture 5 of Future Museum - New world icon in Dubai?
Photo: Dubai Future Organization

Mr. Carlson said he was always opposed to traditional museums keeping artifacts in glass boxes. Therefore, in the Future Museum, three of the 7 floors will be a place where guests can experience three-dimensional space, making them feel like in a theater rather than a typical exhibition.

The museum will focus more on the topic of climate change, which shows and displays many different scenarios that can happen if people do not limit emissions.

Mr. Carlson stressed that the museum will be an example of sustainability. The building is granted LEED certification for green buildings. The building takes energy from a solar plant and has equipment to charge electric cars. Sustainability also manifests itself in foods served in the restaurant at the museum.

'Most ambitious project'

Picture 6 of Future Museum - New world icon in Dubai?
The building consists of thousands of stainless steel triangles combined and decorated with Arabic textures.(Photo: Dubai Future Organization).

Shaun Killa, director of architecture firm Killa Design said that considering the museum's technical requirements, this is the most ambitious project he has ever participated in.

Killa Design has used sophisticated modeling tools to create a structure with unique curves made from thousands of woven steel triangles.

Picture 7 of Future Museum - New world icon in Dubai?
Museum perspective next to the Emirates Tower complex.(Photo: Dubai Future Organization).

They used 3D printers to produce steel plates and fiberglass used as museum facades.

For architects, they have used all their creativity to ensure that the exterior of the museum must create a smooth and unconnected feel and at the same time ensure the environmental sustainability requirements.

Mr. Killa said the Future Museum has the potential to become one of the world's icons. The pioneering measures used in museum construction may be more widely used.

Picture 8 of Future Museum - New world icon in Dubai?
The museum is located on a small hill full of trees, creating a separate feeling from urban life.
(Photo: Dubai Future Organization).

He said: 'We are looking for ways to create new techniques and innovations, to overcome the limits of sustainability and construction technology. We are looking for new ways to do things that could be a precedent for future projects. '

The Future Museum is strategically important for Dubai's ambitious administration. Cultural development is the key to Dubai's tourism strategy, to turn Dubai into a global creative hub and cultural tourism capital.

Picture 9 of Future Museum - New world icon in Dubai?
Modern space inside the museum.(Photo: Dubai Future Organization).

Currently, in Dubai has not really formed a museum culture. The Future Museum project will be part of the process of building that culture.

The Dubai government also considers advanced technology to be important in its ambitious implementation and the Museum of the Future will be both a cultural attraction and a demonstration of technical boldness.

This museum will be the center of the Dubai 2020 Exhibition.

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