Dwarfs threaten to pour

A dwarf has the ability to fire asteroids "rain" into the solar system and destroy life on Earth.

The HIP 85605 dwarf star , one of 14 stars heading to Earth, has the ability to shoot asteroids in the cloud of Oort nebula into the solar system, threatening life on Earth, Express on July 15 reported. The ability of this star to reach Oort at the edge of the solar system is 90%, according to experts.

Picture 1 of Dwarfs threaten to pour
Location of the solar system and cloud of Oort nebula.(Photo: NASA).

"Although objects rarely meet in the universe due to the distance, but the impact of a star's gravity is very large," said Alan Duffy, astrophysicist at Swinburn University, Australia. .

According to Duffy, objects that are loosely anchored inside Oort can vibrate just because of the impact of a light-years away. Objects here were also shot into the solar system due to the effects of nearby stars.

Dr. Coryn Bailer-Jones of the Mac Planck Astronomical Institute, Germany in the study published in Astronomy & Astrophysics magazine said that after about 240,000 years, the HIP 85605 is capable of about three light years from Earth.

The position of the HIP 85605 may be inaccurate due to the obstacle in the measurement of the HU 85605 in the constellation Hercules, about 18-28 light years from the Sun.

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