Earth prospect when dinosaurs existed to modern times

And find out why the extinction of dinosaurs and attempts to revive this "giant beast" in modern times .

Since its inception, human beings have shown themselves to be able to stand on all species. Over time, with the development of technology and knowledge, humanity gradually gained its position, becoming a natural hegemony. But the question is, what will our life be like if dinosaurs are not destroyed and still exist today?

Causes of dinosaurs were destroyed in the past

We know that the dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago, when a meteorite crashed into Earth, creating a giant Chicxulub hole off the Yucatan Peninsula, located in the southeastern part of Mexico.

Picture 1 of Earth prospect when dinosaurs existed to modern times
Image of meteorite crashing on Earth.(Illustration)

This collision has altered the structure of the crust and changed the whole climate environment. Under these circumstances, only small mammals and reptiles can hide in caves, waiting for a new era. And when the "new page" is opened, they will no longer have to fear the ferocious giant reptile that becomes the ruler on Earth.

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From here, the individual characteristics of each species gradually appear, in accordance with the evolutionary law and culminating in the rise of primates, leading to the emergence of humanity.

Hypothesis if dinosaurs still exist today

Scientists have hypothesized, if for some reason, Chicxulub meteorites do not collide with the Earth, do not create the Great Extinction event, then humans will not have the current status. .

Or if there exists another layer of people who are descendants of dinosaurs and intelligence similar to humans, or more specifically, humans and dinosaurs coexist, our lives will come out. star?

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Of course, the answer will not be clear because this is unlikely. If dinosaurs exist today, large animals today are still considered to be small animals, must hide and hide in front of the "big men" with mighty steps, shaking the ground.

According to the analysis of some scientists, another Great Extinction event took place 250 million years ago bringing dinosaurs to power on this planet. So, if the Chicxulub event does n't happen, there must be another disaster that brings mammals to dominate. Or no, Earth will also receive a completely different class of animals than what the evolution process is today.

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But no matter what, just a small change in climate or atmospheric composition can lead to changes in living conditions. With natural balance, it will make this species stronger and weaken other species.

So we can believe that there is a natural balance between mammals and giant reptiles. We humans will still appear, evolve, even if there is no extinction disaster.

Dinosaurs today and efforts to revive

Theoretically, scientists think that dinosaurs still exist in the modern world but with different shapes. There have been many studies proving that some birds are descendants of dinosaurs, so many people think that we still see 'dinosaurs' everyday through the shape of that bird.

In terms of ideas, humanity can exist in tandem with dinosaurs for a long time. The movie 'Jurassic Park' is an example, the film has set the prospect of human regeneration of dinosaurs and cloned them from DNA in an amber tablet.

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DNA samples of dinosaur fossils found are often mixed with many species and destroyed by modern microorganisms.

In fact, along with dinosaurs, Japanese scientists are trying to revive mammoths - the giant extinct elephant from about 8,000 years ago and some other animals but the results are not really satisfactory. . Therefore, it can be said that the revival of extinct dinosaurs from 65 million years from discrete DNA samples in fossil fragments is not feasible.

Not only that, the DNA samples found are often mixed with many other species and partly destroyed by modern microorganisms. However, there is a fact that, even when successful in resurrecting dinosaurs, their immune system is also difficult to meet modern diseases, bacteria, viruses that many species now have to take. to millions of years of adaptation.

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