Fairy circle and secret hidden under the ground

The fairy circle appears in the history and folk history stories found in the past year, believed to be the path between the fantasy world and the real world.

  • The mysterious circle appears in England
  • Mysterious circle on the field in Russia
  • Mysterious perpetrator creates "fairy circle"

Circles and mysteries underground

According to human beliefs from the Middle Ages, the sudden appearance of the mushroom ring on the ground is considered a sign of another world. These circles often appear overnight, or move from one place to another without knowing why. Many strange stories related to it are passed down through generations, even forming folk tales about fairy circles in some parts of the world.

According to Ancient Origins, the fairy circle (circle of elves, or fairy circles) is a natural phenomenon . The reason is because a mushroom grows in a circle or arc in the grass or the ground. Fairy circles can range from a few tens of centimeters to 50 meters or larger. The largest circle ever found in Belfort, France, with a diameter of up to 600 m, formed 700 years ago.

Picture 1 of Fairy circle and secret hidden under the ground
Fairy circle due to a fungus that grows into a circle on the ground.(Photo: Ancient Origins)

Sometimes, in the same place, there are several fairy circles. They overlap, creating a strange, meandering grass pattern. The grass that grows inside the fairy circle often dies or wilts, which is different in color from the grass that grows outside.

Mysterious power

The fairy circle has a connection with historical and legendary stories in folklore in many parts of the world, especially Western Europe. Most myths are related to the fairies and supernatural creatures dancing around the circle, or circles that act as a gateway to the fairy kingdom and the real world.

Fairy circles are known throughout Europe. Traditionally, they called it the "witch's circle" in France and the "witch's circle" in Germany. These are the most active places in the night of Walpurgisnacht (the night before April 30, when witches are supposed to gather together, coinciding with the time of spring arrival).

The British, Scandinavian, Celtic and many other European peoples believe that the fairy circle is created by dancing fairies or elves. This usually happens on the night of the moon. The fairy circle appeared early in the morning as proof of the dance that took place the night before.

Picture 2 of Fairy circle and secret hidden under the ground
Images of nude and semi-nude fairies dancing at fairy circles became popular in the Victorian era.(Photo: Public Domain)

In Scotland, people believed fairies sat on mushrooms and used them as a dining table on a holiday. While in Wales, mushroom harvesters make sunshades or umbrellas. Welsh folk culture also sees circles as fertile and prosperous. Cattle and trees nearby will be fat, sumptuous.

In contrast, the Dutch mythology states that the central part of the barren fairy circle is due to the demon placing his milk container inside. Austrian beliefs say flying dragons are responsible for creating circles, adversely affecting the area. Therefore, only a few umbrella-shaped fungi can grow here over a 7-year period. French folklore thinks that guarding the strange circle is giant toads. They will curse those who dare to step inside the bracelet.

Prohibit entering the circle

Many myths warn, anyone who deliberately steps inside the fairy circle will die soon. You also become invisible to the current world, unable to escape the ring, lose an eye, move immediately to the fairy world, even have to dance around the ring until dying from exhaustion . To escape this terrible fate, you have to run around the circle 9 times (if you run 10 rounds, you have to run again from the beginning).

It is said that, in the fairy circle without being punished, it is possible to run around it at full moon, but in the direction of the Sun during the day. If done according to this instruction, will hear fairies dancing underground.

Picture 3 of Fairy circle and secret hidden under the ground
A man is saving his friend from the fairy circle.(Illustrative illustration: Public Domain)

Scientific explanation

Today, the fungus causing this natural phenomenon has been clarified. The mycelium system grows and spreads in moist, nutritious soil environment. In good conditions, spores will grow into fungi (the most well-known fungus is Scotch bonnet , or fairy circle mushroom , or Clitocybe nebularis - cloudy mushroom mushroom ).

Mushrooms grow up above the ground, forming a visible circle.The mycelium is underneath the grass spreading from the center to the center, taking organic matter as food and rotting when it spreads out. Dead fungal fibers create a thick, impermeable carpet, making the roots of plants not absorb water and nutrients. Finally, the land inside the fairy circle will become barren, the grass will fade away. However, on the outer edge of the circle, the grass is still fresh because the hyphae die, decomposing to form fertilizer.

This cycle can take place for centuries. The fairy circle widened, shrunk, and moved from one place to another. It makes many people excited but also makes many people fear by the mysterious.

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