Find out how to take pictures of a much sharper black hole

Harvard scientists are the ones who have just claimed to find a way to take sharper pictures of black holes than old fuzzy images available so far.

Last year, an international coalition of scientists, who operated the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) , revealed the first image of a black hole's shadow . Shortly thereafter, the event received special attention from scientific researchers.

Following the initial successes, in the new study, scientists have continued to calculate and predict the structure inside black holes caused by extremely attractive light bends.

Picture 1 of Find out how to take pictures of a much sharper black hole
The first image of the black hole.

Lead author Michael Johnson of the Harvard and Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics describes how the vortex of photons around the black hole could be the key to unlocking sharp images.

"The image of a black hole actually contains a series of interlocking circles," Johnson said. "Each successive circle has the same diameter but is sharper because its light revolves around the black hole more times before it reaches the observer. With the current EHT image, we have a glimpse of the complexity. Full will appear in the image of any black hole '.

By stacking images of a substring in a black hole , we can one day create a much sharper complete picture of the shape of a black hole.

"What really surprises us is that while nested sub-strings are barely visible to the naked eye on images, their even perfect images are strong and clear signals for the array of telescope called interferometer .

Although conventional black-hole photography requires a lot of scattered telescopes, the filaments are perfect for research using only two very far apart telescopes , ' Johnson said.

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