Find out the cause of the Great Extinction on Earth

Mass eruption in Siberia caused the Great Extinction on Earth is a hypothesis that is gaining a lot of approval from the scientific world.

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The Great Extinction was an event in the Permian period, 250 million years ago. Scientists believe that this event has claimed the lives of 90% of creatures on Earth.

Evidence from fossil specimens could indicate the species and the time they were extinct, but could not say how the event took place.

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Recently, scientists in the United States have made the biggest hypothesis to explain the Great Extinction.It is the mass operation of volcanoes in Siberia.

According to the documentary: 'Mass Extinction: Life at the Brink' by Smithsonian television, the amount of lava generated by these eruptions is enough to cover the entire US area with a thickness of about 305m.

But volcanic lava is not the main cause of extinction.Volcanic eruptions release large amounts of carbon dioxide, causing climate change and killing nearly every living thing on Earth.

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CO2 is a gas that holds heat. With trillions of CO 2 being released into the atmosphere during eruptions, the Earth will heat up over time. Many animals that live on the ground will not be able to adapt to increasing temperatures in such a short time.

In addition, the oceans will absorb more of the excess CO 2 in the air. When CO 2 mixes with water, a chemical reaction occurs that makes the sea move from salt to sour.

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This phenomenon is called ocean acidification , which can have serious consequences for some marine animals, such as corals. Acidified water prevents corals from completing chemical processes so that the animal builds a protective shell made of calcium. Today, in Siberia, there is still an area covered by volcanic rocks of up to 2 million square kilometers.

Experts hope that, from this research, they will be able to find more evidence of the evolution of this Great Extinction in the past.

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