Find toxins and harmful fungi in electronic cigarettes

A study recently released on Wednesday found that dozens of very popular electronic cigarette products are now infected with bacterial and fungal toxins that cause lung disease.

Most e-cigarette manufacturers say their products are safe, but a study recently released on Wednesday found dozens of e-cigarette products are very popularly used. now infected with bacterial and fungal toxins that cause lung disease.

Specifically, these impurities are thought to be involved in causing a number of diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Nearly one-fourth of e-cigarette products and more than three-quarters of commercially available essential oils are thought to be contaminated with the above-mentioned impurities, according to an analysis from a group of experts at Harvard School of Public Health (USA).

'The discovery of these toxins in e-cigarette products adds to the concern that already exists in the safety of e-cigarettes' , author geneticist David Christiani, author of study explained. To produce the above results, the scientists then collected a total of 75 popular e-cigarette products, including 37 single-use and 38 types of solutions taken from Top 10 brands in this field in the US.

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For fruity essential oil products, the concentration of endotoxin is higher.

These products are then categorized into four different types: tobacco, peppermint, fruit and others , aiming to simplify the process of detecting endotoxin and glucan - These substances have been shown to be toxic to the lungs.

Tests showed that 17/75 (23%) of endotoxin-containing products and 61/75 (81%) of products contained glucan. The existence of these microbial toxins is thought to be closely related to a multitude of human health problems, such as asthma, lung function and pneumonia. Going further into the analysis, the scientists found that for fruity essential oil products, the concentration of endotoxin is higher , partly suggesting that the raw materials used to produce flavor may be a source of pollution.

The researchers also noted that they do not know where the impurities are coming from and whether contaminated products can occur at any time during or after the production of ingredients. One hypothesis is that cotton fibers used in electronic cigarette chambers can also be a potential source of contamination, since both endotoxin and glucan are known as pollutants from cotton fibers.

It is unclear the origin of these contaminants, but the discovery of their presence in tobacco products reinforces the harmful effects of e-cigarettes on general health.

In addition to inhaling toxic chemicals, e-cigarette users are now found to be exposed to other pollutants such as endotoxin and glucan. Since 2016, scientists say they have found many cancer-causing chemicals in electronic cigarettes.

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The steam chamber of e-cigarettes during the experiment emitted 31 toxic chemicals, including two possible carcinogenic compounds that had never been found before in the vapors of electronic cigarettes. The amount of chemicals produced also varies, depending on the temperature at which the oil is evaporated due to the activity of a part called a "hot coil".

When the temperature inside the coil is higher, the chemical emits more. Electronic cigarettes with a heating coil instead of 2 when operating also emit higher amounts of chemicals in the steam, perhaps because the device has two coils that distribute heat better between them, in other words, heat Their level is not too high.

In 2017, a University of California study showed that e-cigarette users almost every day showed special biological signs, which are associated with the risk of heart disease like smokers. traditional. Recently, FDA has even released a special statement about the strokes they think are related to people who are smoking e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are the solution for traditional smokers, but if you are not addicted to any drug, why start practicing e-smoking to harm yourself?

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