For the first time in Google history, AI was used to celebrate Johann Sebastian Bach's birthday

Today, March 21, Google Doodle for the first time in history used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to celebrate 334 years of birth of the great German composer and composer Johann Sebastian Bach (March 21, 1685). - July 28, 1750).

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Doodle images on the Google homepage today 21/3.(Source: Google Doodle).

So who is Johann Sebastian Bach ? And how do you experience the user-assisted interaction of Google that "giant" Google for the first time in its 21-year history? Please follow us.

1. Johann Sebastian Bach: The greatest composer in history

To talk about musical talent expressing intellectual depth and imbued with the Baroque artistry (1600 - 1750), we can only encapsulate in the comment: The music of Johann Sebastian Bach is shared by Mozart, Beethoven , Chopin, Robert Schumann, and Felix Mendelssohn absolutely admire!

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Johann Sebastian Bach - The greatest composer in history.

Indeed, the subtleties of each note and the fretboard of Johann Sebastian Bach weave great works, making the 17th-18th century German music reverberate throughout Europe.

So far, many of his works are still loved by the public, including "Brandeburg Concertos", "The Well-Tempered Calvier", Mass. . Or cantatas, choirs, organ works, as well as symphony and chamber music .

2. "Technology giant" Google breaks down, first using AI in Doodle

On Google Doodle, the "giant" shared, in honor and remembrance of the great talent and musical heritage of Johann Sebastian Bach's genius, Google Doodle collaborated with Google Magenta and Google. PAIR to design a completely new interactive music experience with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This new experience turns users into "composers", encouraging users to compose an improvised melody. Because, just a few clicks, Doodle will use machine learning (AI-machine) to harmonize custom melodies into the typical musical style of Johann Sebastian Bach.

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Users will become their own "composer".

Google Doodle says machine-learning is an area of ​​Artificial Intelligence, involving research and building techniques that allow "self-learning" systems from data to solve problems. specific topics.

In other words, machine learning is the process of teaching computers to give their own answers by giving a lot of examples, instead of giving a set of rules to follow as done in transmitting computer programming. Previous system.

  • The model used in Doodle today March 21 was developed by the Google Magenta team, who developed the Coconet learning machine: A flexible model that can be used in a variety of musical tasks, for example such as melody harmony or composing from the beginning.

Specifically, Coconet was trained in 306 choral mixes by Johann Sebastian Bach. Bach's choruses always have four voices, each with its own melodic melody, while creating rich harmonious progress when played together.

  • Next, the Google PAIR team used TensorFlow.js to allow the learning machine to completely take place in the web browser (compared to it using tons of servers, like traditional machine learning).

In case the user's computer or device is not fast enough to run Doodle interaction today when using TensorFlow.js, Doodle is also provided with Google's new TPU Processor, a quick way to handle tasks Machine learning in other data centers of Doodle.

As can be seen, the "tech giant" Google now pays great attention to the user experience. Google is not simply a search engine, it is constantly innovating technology to give users a sense of excitement in the IT world.

In the future, Google will definitely design more interesting Doodle so that users can have the opportunity to remember outstanding events / characters and interact and experience interesting.

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