Google Vietnamese changed Doodle to celebrate Trinh Cong Son's birthday

The late Vietnamese musician first appeared on the world popular search engine homepage.

February 28 is Trinh Cong Son's 80th birthday. On this occasion, Google Doodles honored the talented musician on the homepage."A meaningful birthday gift for Mr. Son and our family, a joy for Trinh's music community , " said Trinh Vinh Trinh, a musician's sister.

On the Google search page in Vietnam, the familiar logo of this tool is stylized to show the image of Trịnh Công Sơn guitar. The painting is done by a group of independent creative artists. They said that they have consulted a lot of documents about Trinh Cong Son's biography, life, career, philosophy and work.

Picture 1 of Google Vietnamese changed Doodle to celebrate Trinh Cong Son's birthday
Google Vietnamese celebrates Trinh Cong Son's 80th birthday.

Google Doodles are temporary replacements for the Google logo on the homepage to celebrate major holidays, events, achievements and characters that have made important contributions in many areas for the community, for humanity. . Google Vietnamese Home from 2003 to present has many works honoring the typical culture in Vietnam as well as honoring the traditional holidays such as Vietnamese Teacher's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, Lunar New Year, Day National Day.

Musician Trinh Cong Son was born in 1939 in Dak Lak, died on April 1, 2001. After 18 years of leaving the tabernacle, his songs have always been a feature that cannot be mentioned when talking about Vietnamese music. He left his fortune more than 600 songs, of which about 236 songs were popular. Trinh Cong Son's music has been imbued with philosophy, humanity, soulfulness and passion, a great love for Vietnamese people, homeland and praise for peace.

Picture 2 of Google Vietnamese changed Doodle to celebrate Trinh Cong Son's birthday
Trịnh Công Sơn left the music legacy more than 600 songs.

Trinh Cong Son is also a Vietnamese musician with a wide international influence. He was mentioned by the press and the international community as "Bob Dylan of Vietnam" (BBC) , "The most beloved musician in Vietnam" (The Washington Post). Trinh Cong Son is the first Vietnamese musician to have a music product released in the Japanese market with songs that are loved by many audiences like Diem and Ca dao.

More than two million albums sold in Japan over the years proved the success of Trinh music in this country. His songs are translated into Japanese, recorded and performed by leading artists such as Tokiko Kato, Yoshimi Tendo, Aya Shimazu . Trinh Cong Son's music was sung in Kohaku Uta Gassen, the music program of the annual New Year's Eve of NHK Japanese national television. In 1972, Trinh Cong Son won the Japan Gold Disc Award for Sleeping Sleep.

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