Found the thousand-year-old 'golden warrior' in Kazakhstan

A rare remains reminiscent of a new 'golden warrior' have been found in Kazakhstan, according to local archaeologists.

According to The Sun, the newly discovered remains are estimated to be 2,500 years old, reminiscent of the 'golden warrior' remains discovered in 1969.

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The remains were found in a tomb 6 meters deep.

The first 'golden warrior' is now considered the Kazakh national treasure. Archaeologist Kemal Akishev found the remains in 1969 in Issyk, near the ancient capital of Almaty. Not much is known about the 'golden warrior' except that this man lived in the 1-3 century BC.

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Gold jewelry is found in the tomb.

The latest remains also have similarities when buried in the same period as the 'golden warrior' . Most likely this person is a noble because he was buried with his horse. The burial clothes and saddle were both made of gold.

The remains were found at a 6-meter-deep tomb, which made archaeologists particularly interested. This is the seventh remains buried with gold items in Kazakhstan.

Picture 3 of Found the thousand-year-old 'golden warrior' in Kazakhstan
"Original Golden Warrior" was found in 1969.

Experts suggest that the ancient man may have been the leader of a local tribe. The remains have been taken to an inspection laboratory. The scientists expect the results of the evaluation to show who this man is and what position he is.

Local media posted a number of photos of the remains, but the images of the skeleton were not disclosed.

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