Global Firepower ranks Air Force, Navy Vietnam

In addition to the overall rankings at position 16, where is the Vietnam Air Force and People's Navy currently on the Global Firepower rating board?

Air Force

Global Firepower currently ranks the Vietnam People's Air Force in rank 34 out of 133 countries and territories surveyed.

Specifically, they said we own 278 types of aircraft. In which the number of fighters was 76, 73 attack aircraft (attack force), 161 transport planes, 25 training aircraft.

According to Global Firepower, the Vietnam People's Air Force has a large helicopter fleet with 137 units, including 25 professional armed helicopters.

Picture 1 of Global Firepower ranks Air Force, Navy Vietnam
Su-30MK2 versatile fighter team of the Vietnam Air Force.

Global Firepower's information is clearly only a reference, for example, Vietnam has no real attack helicopters since the Mi-24A fleet received a retirement book, but the report is Give the numbers a lot to surprise.

In addition, if the number of such categories is added, this number will exceed 278, the reason for which the explanation is likely to exist between the categories.

Typically, the Su-30MK2 can fit into the fight group and be a ground-sea attack. Similarly, among the 161 mechanical transports there will be both the C-295M and the Mi-8/17 helicopter.


According to Global Firepower, the Vietnamese People's Navy is currently ranked 36th out of 110 countries and territories to be considered.

This list is shorter than air force because many countries have quite special geographical conditions that they do not have sea.

However, the element is very unexpected and can be seen as a funny thing in the ranking of the Lao Navy (No. 65 because they still build an active force on the river in the name of "Navy." ").

Picture 2 of Global Firepower ranks Air Force, Navy Vietnam
Molniya 1241.8 fast attack missile ship of the Vietnamese People's Navy.

Global Firepower said that the Vietnamese Navy currently has 65 vessels of all kinds, including 7 frigates (Petya-Frigate and Gepard 3.9), 13 small-sized ships (Corvette - Molniya, BPS-500 .), 6 submarines (Kilo class 636, not including mini submarines bought from Korea), 25 small patrol vessels and 8 minesweepers (Yuka and Sonya).

The ranking of the Global Firepower is based only on the quantity, not the quality, so the Korean Navy has occupied the first position with 967 ships of all kinds, China is second with 714 ships, China. The period holds 3 places with 415 ships.

Followed by Iran - 398 ships, Russia - 352 ships, Egypt - 319 ships, India - 295 ships, Finland 270 ships, Colombia - 234 ships and Indonesia - 221 ships.

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