Going on patrol at night, Indian police put the hair on the back of the neck because of ... 'exercise ghosts'?

Although our world has grown rapidly and increasingly modernly, there are still issues where science has not yet found a convincing and clear answer, one of which is the question: "Ma Does it really exist in the world? " 

Therefore, the stories related to this topic are always covered with fantasy, thrilling, unbelievable, and make us sell suspicion, not knowing what is false and what is real, such as The story takes place in an Indian state as shown below. 

A few days ago, in the city of Jhansi in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, as usual, police patroled at night. However, that patrol that day at Kanshiram Park made them cold with fear and probably would make them unforgettable for the rest of their lives. 

Picture 1 of Going on patrol at night, Indian police put the hair on the back of the neck because of ... 'exercise ghosts'?
The scene of the "exercise ghost" at the park was witnessed by police while patrolling at night.

When approaching the location of the exercise machines for the people, the police suddenly "froze" when they saw these gym machines . suddenly moved like someone was sitting, though Apparently at that time there was no one else but the police on patrol duty. 

In the recorded video, a group of about five Indian policemen stood next to two exercise machines and were surprised at their strange movements. Surprisingly, one of the police officers used a cell phone to record these images.  

Shortly thereafter, police spokesman Rahul Srivastav shared the shuddering clip on Twitter, and soon the video had 185,000 views and countless comments and comments. The plot revolves around the incident. 

Rahul wrote the caption for the video: "Ma exercise right?"

While most viewers find the video funny, some people insist it is real, that the gym machines were driven by supernatural forces and this happened. out in other places, and this is not the first time. 


A user commented: "I usually do not believe in ghosts, but the video in a garden in Delhi has scared me to death."  

Another wrote: "Believe it or not, ghosts started exercising and this happened in Rohini Park around 2am last night." 

However, not all network users believe this story. 

Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi commented: "This video in Kanshiram Park has spread at viral speed, and the truth is only one, that the exercise machine will move when you install it. in motion mode. 

You can't say there's a ghost. This is just a prank to give this park a bad reputation. It is even said that because the park is named after Kanshiram, perhaps his ghosts did. This is all fake. Stop spreading rumors like that. " 

Reportedly, comments on the ghost Kanshiram park also gradually subsided after a source said that a few people who like to joke have greased the moving parts of the gym machines in the park. 

"Thanks to these greases, just a little push, the exercise machine will operate without human intervention," the source said. 

While the story has not been verified, the video continues to be spread on the Internet and attracts much attention from the online community around the world.  

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