Intelligent flooring

With the flooring of German experts, your floor will identify each family member and track their activity to activate the corresponding service.

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GravitySpace floor, width 2.4 m 2, was invented by Patrick Baudisch experts and colleagues from the Institute Hasso Plattner (Germany), according to the New Scientist website.

It is pressure-sensitive, able to identify people by weight, and track their location to display interactive videos.

Picture 1 of Intelligent flooring
GravitySpace - (Photo: Hasso Plattner Institute)

Walking on the floor is like moving on a large mirror where each person's reflection is reflected in digital form.

The idea of applying pressure sensitive technology can turn the floor into an interactive surface, which helps control the electronic devices in the home, allowing users to play games while keeping an eye on older relatives or sufferings. handicapped.

For example, if a person walks into a room, GravitySpace immediately recognizes who that person is based on the weight, and automatically plays the disc on his or her own, switching to a regular TV channel or turning on a light. If you want to play games, smart floors can turn into virtual ball courts.

With the first prototype of GravitySpace, under the 6.35cm thick glass, the infrared camera tracks footprints, and high-resolution projectors upload video to the glass.

A thin layer of resilient plastic overlaid the floor, surrounded by LEDs. When a person sets foot on the glass, their footsteps infrared light and its image reaches the camera. The software immediately identifies the owner of that step and activates the corresponding operation sequence.

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