Invented chair lift in Shanghai

An old apartment building in Shanghai, which does not have an elevator, is now equipped with an "elevator chair", which makes it easier for older people and young children to go up and down.

Picture 1 of Invented chair lift in Shanghai
The first lift chair in China.(Photo: Guangming)

The old apartment in Shanghai is 7 stories high, each floor has two apartments. A pulley system about 20cm wide is installed from the first floor to the 7th floor, helping the lift chair up and down. This is the first elevator chair in China, according to Guangming.

At the landing floor, each floor is equipped with a wireless control panel, connected to the elevator. When there is a need to go up and down, the people here just need to press the button, the machine will signal the elevator. Elderly and young children just sit on a chair, fasten their seatbelt, do not need any help, can go up and down the floors, each walk is 9m long.

Compared to the new elevator system, the "lift chair" does not require renovation of the building structure, especially the old apartments without elevators.

The pulley system is designed to be easily installed on a staircase with a load of 60kg, with seat belts and infrared sensors. If the person who missed missed the railroad track, the ladder, the "elevator seat" will immediately stop.

Picture 2 of Invented chair lift in Shanghai
Control panel installed in every floor.(Photo: Guangming)

Picture 3 of Invented chair lift in Shanghai
When not in use, it is possible to fold up the chair.(Photo: Guangming)

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