Is it possible to use a quantum tunnel to generate electricity?

A team of scientists said they had found a way to use quantum tunnels to gain magnetic power.

According to the IB Times, the Earth absorbs a large amount, which in turn leads to almost constant emission of infrared radiation, estimated at millions of GW of energy.

Scientists believe that this infrared heat "can be obtained 24 hours a day" to generate electricity through quantum tunnels.

Quantum tunneling is a quantum mechanical effect that refers to the shift of the material system from one state to another that is normally prohibited by the laws of classical physics (a diaphragm, a barrier any object or limit.

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Scientists believe that it is possible to use electricity-generating quantum tunnels - (Photo: iStock).

For example, in classical physics, if there are two valleys and a hill separated, one marble in the first valley will not be able to cross the hill to the other valley if it is not provided with a quantity. certain energy is greater than the potential energy on the hilltop.

However, in quantum physics, matter is not described as material, but closely resembles the material system or wave function. So the ball can pass through the hill with less energy through the quantum tunnel even if its average position is in this valley.

Based on that theory, scientists used custom designed nano antennas capable of detecting infrared or waste heat such as high frequency electromagnetic waves, converting wave signals into electricity.

Since infrared emission has a very small wavelength and can fluctuate thousands of times faster than conventional semiconductors, a wedge-shaped nano antenna is required, sealed between two pieces of gold and titanium to create High intensity electric fields.

" Insulated metal diodes (MIMs) will transform infrared into electricity by moving electrons through a thin nanometer fence and collecting nano antennas , " says Atif Shamim - a leading researcher. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia, said.

According to Gaurav Jayaswal - a scientist who participated in the research, once successfully applied the quantum tunnel to collect electricity, this will be a breakthrough in the physics industry, solving the shortage of electricity in many areas area.

It also opens up many successes in technology, especially infrared radiation applications on electronic auto-on and off features when needed to avoid electrical leakage.

This study is published in the scientific journal Materials Today Energy.

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