Israel invented a self-defense mask of heat SARS-CoV-2

Israeli researchers announced the invention of a reusable respirator that could kill SARS-CoV-2 virus causing Covid-19 acute respiratory infections by heat.

Picture 1 of Israel invented a self-defense mask of heat SARS-CoV-2
Special masks have the ability to self-kill by the Israeli Institute of Technology (Technion) research and manufacture. (Photo: Technion Press Office / VNA).

This new mask looks like an N95 mask, has a vent valve on the front and a rubber band to loop around the head to keep the mask in place. The new mask has a USB port connected to the power source, such as the popular mobile phone charger, thereby heating the carbon fiber layer inside the mask with heat up to 70 degrees Celsius, enough to kill the virus. SARS-CoV-2.

Professor Yain Ein-Eli, head of the research team at Israel's Technion University (Technion) in Haifa, said the sterilization time takes about 30 minutes and users should not wear masks when the sterilization process is not complete. .

According to Professor Ein-Eli, this new type of respirator is more economical and environmentally friendly than a disposable mask.

Israeli researchers registered the product in the US in late March and are discussing to commercialize it with a private company. The price of this mask may be $ 1 higher than the disposable mask.

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