Japan invented a mask that could resist Covid-19 while swimming

Japan invented a mask to prevent the spread of Covid-19 while swimming, TV Asahi TV reported.

Accordingly, these masks are manufactured by Konami Sports Company in Tokyo. Konami Sports said the mask is made of a transparent material that does not slip off the face when participating in water activities.

In addition, Konami Sports revealed that the demand for masks of this type is increasing.

According to Japanese media, the reason for the increased demand for masks of this type due to the fact that from 1/6 of the Japanese government has allowed the reopening of swimming pools.

'The risk of viral infection is thought to be reduced at high concentrations of chlorine in water, but there is still a potential for cross-contamination if exposed to swimming instructors,' Konami Sports explained.

Picture 1 of Japan invented a mask that could resist Covid-19 while swimming
Facemasks are made of a transparent material that does not slip off the face when engaged in water activities.

According to TV Asahi, it is for this reason that a special mask is needed to protect against Covid-19 infection and they will remain on the face even when underwater.

Currently the Tokyo government is considering moving to phase 2, in which gyms, theaters, cinemas and exam preparation centers may reopen. Karaoke bars will be able to resume operations in phase 3. According to the original plan, the locations considered to be at high risk of becoming Covid-19 outbreaks such as gyms and karaoke bars were only allowed to open. come back after all restrictions on all other businesses are lifted.

On May 25, Prime Minister Abe Shinzo announced the lifting of a state of emergency due to the Covid-19 epidemic in the five remaining provinces and cities nationwide, namely Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama and Hokkaido. With this new notice, the Government has allowed citizens to freely travel and resume operations across the country.

Earlier, in northeastern Japan, reusable cloth masks were cooled and sold in vending machines amid concerns that wearing a mask in the summer would prevent the spread. spread of Covid-19 epidemic can cause stifling, shortness of breath.

Specifically, these masks are cooled at a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius in 2 semi-automatic machines installed in Yamagata Prefecture. About 400 such masks were consumed every day for 690 yen (US $ 6.50) per unit.

Known, Knit Waizu knitting firm based in the town of Yamanobe, Yamagata Prefecture is the author of a cold mask with the desire to create something for everyone in the situation of disease is complicated. The airline began manufacturing this mask in mid-March.

According to the online statistics worldometers.info, as of June 6, the total number of Covid-19 cases in Japan was 17,064, of which 907 were fatal. To date, a total of 6,913,385 people worldwide have Covid-19, including 399,897 deaths and 3,384,269 recovering.

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