Israel invented electronic skin that can heal itself

The Israeli Institute of Technology (Technion) said on June 11 that Israeli researchers have successfully developed artificial skin that can restore itself.

Picture 1 of Israel invented electronic skin that can heal itself
This skin has a sensor system of materials that are only the size of a nanometer.

Artificial leather has a number of capabilities such as self-healing, self-monitoring, water resistance and selective sensors. The skin has a sensor system made of nanometer-sized materials that can selectively monitor and at the same time various environmental factors such as pressure, temperature and acidity.

The self-healing system , which is inspired by the ability of the body to heal itself, including nerve-like components, can monitor damage in electronic components, while other components will speed up the recovery process itself. This mechanism allows the intelligent electronic system to self-monitor activities and correct function errors when damaged. 

The development of this electronic skin is based on the idea of ​​a water-resistant plastic and a flexible texture, also invented by the Technion team. This plastic can stretch up to 11 times longer than its original length without tearing. This plastic can restore itself to its original state when it is cut, torn, crumpled, or even soaked in tap water, seawater, many types of water with different acidity levels, preventing electricity from flowing through the water.

Therefore, this material has great potential in the application of electronic devices that need to be in contact with water. The team also uses the new material to develop sensors that can monitor temperature, pressure, and acidity in robotic applications, prosthetic devices and compact wearable devices.

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