'K disease': Having the same name as cancer, it is the only disease that saves many innocent people

So far, medicine has documented countless dangerous diseases that can kill a victim in an instant - but perhaps only witnessed one syndrome that could . save people.

That's the "K disease", a disease with an extremely interesting biography.

In 1939, World War II broke out among superpowers around the world, affecting almost every continent. To this day, it is still the largest and most devastating battle in human history.

Hitler, who led the Axis Powers, saw the world as a battlefield in which the stronger race survived and dominated. This meant that if he wanted his Aryan race to rise above him, then he had to trample on other races, especially Jews.

In the period from 1941 to 1945, the Jews were systematically murdered in a large-scale genocide of the leading group in history. The number of people killed is up to millions, including many children.

Witnessing the cold blood of the Nazi government, Dr. Adriano Ossicini set his mind on hiding for the Jews in his own hospital - Fatebenefratelli hospital . But this hospital is located right next to the ghetto, and that sensitive spot immediately came under Nazi sights. Knowing that they could not be seen through ordinary means, three doctors, Ossicini, Vittorio Sacerdoti and director Giovanni Borromeo, came up with a very bold idea.

Picture 1 of 'K disease': Having the same name as cancer, it is the only disease that saves many innocent people
Fatebenefratelli Hospital in Tiber Island, Rome, Italy.

The hospital will provide Jews with fake medical records. All Jews entering the hospital are "marked" with a record of "K disease" . The medical community later discovered that no book, no medical manual had ever mentioned the disease. Meaning that K disease never existed , it was not real, but something born to protect the Jews from brutal genocide.

Thanks to the help of all doctors and nurses at the hospital, this idea has become a reality and a success beyond imagination.

Picture 2 of 'K disease': Having the same name as cancer, it is the only disease that saves many innocent people
Dr. Adriano Ossicini, Dr. Vittorio Sacerdoti and President Giovanni Borromeo.

K disease as described in the profile is a relatively dangerous and complex neurological disease with a high likelihood of infection, symptoms similar to tuberculosis and other manifestations such as seizures and dementia. , paralysis . The disease can lead to death if too severe, causing oxygen can not circulate to the brain.

Although the symptoms were rather vague, with careful preparation and the insistence that K was able to spread very quickly, the doctors terrified the Nazis. The "K patients" were placed in a separate area and were also told to cough loudly, writhing whenever they saw soldiers approaching.

Later, Pietro Borromeo - the son of Dr. Giovanni revealed that once Nazi soldiers suddenly broke in and insisted on a search of the hospital. Giovanni calmly led the inspection team around the campus and did not forget to invite them to visit the quarantine area. But the Nazis immediately refused without further question, though a team was brought along by a doctor. They did not even dare to go near but only searched through the speakers and turned to other places.

Just like that, the Jews escape the scythe of death as a miracle, right in the middle of the Italian capital. The name "K disease" quickly became a secret among hospital staff, referring to those who were perfectly healthy but wanted by the Nazi government like the Jews.

The hospital continued to receive "patients" until Rome was liberated by the Allies in June 1944.

Picture 3 of 'K disease': Having the same name as cancer, it is the only disease that saves many innocent people
Almagia's family - descendant of a person who was saved by K.

There are no exact statistics on how many people were saved. Some say a few dozen, some say a few hundred. But whatever that number is, the myths about K disease, Jews and white-shirt heroes will leave an indelible mark on human history. Life can be difficult when we live for others, but it will certainly be more beautiful and meaningful than ever.

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