Lightning-fast octopus is amazing

The gray octopus is seen hiding next to a seaweed tree in the water.

According to the Daily Star, the video begins with a scene of octopus slowly walking under the sea. Suddenly, the octopus clinging to the seaweed tree nearby, disappeared without trace.

Picture 1 of Lightning-fast octopus is amazing
Octopus changes color immediately.

Looking closely, the viewer can see that the octopus has changed color to resemble the seaweed that it clings to.

Video sharing on social network Reddit attracted tens of thousands of views. A video viewer commented: 'Is this what we anticipate about alien life?'

Others say: 'If we find them on another planet, we will be terrified. But in the sea, they become a restaurant food or brought to predict the results of football '.

The third person commented: 'This is the most horrifying thing I've ever seen.'

'Are there any other creatures that are capable of disguising themselves as deep-sea octopuses that we never knew?' , the fourth questioned.