Making a tiny fly robot that can track every corner

French and Swiss engineers developed a device weighing only 190 milligrams, capable of flexible and secret air travel.

Picture 1 of Making a tiny fly robot that can track every corner
Robot flies 4cm in length and weighs 190 milligrams.

According to scientists, two versions of the fly robot have been built. The first one weighs 780 milligrams and the second one weighs 190 milligrams only. These two robots are fully automated.

They can move quite flexibly and have the ability to track objects by using photodiode sensor application. The working mechanism of a fly robot has actuators that, under the action of an electric field, are capable of performing activities like real flies.

The length of the robot flies no more than 4cm. They are capable of lifting objects 5 times their weight. In particular, this type of flying robot has the ability to withstand strong impact equivalent to a real fly blow.

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