Mysterious blue objects glow in the Australian night sky

Australians were surprised to find a strange green object glowing in the night sky. Strange objects can be seen throughout Victoria and South Australia.

A woman from Western Australia named Shaz Hussien was lucky enough to be able to capture glowing balls in the sky and post strange pictures on social networks.

Picture 1 of Mysterious blue objects glow in the Australian night sky
Images of glowing objects in the skies of Australia.

Meanwhile, experts believe the recorded object could be an asteroid named 2002 NN4 . Astronomers say the 2002 NN4 asteroid is about 570 meters wide, about the size of six football fields, and is passing us at a distance of 5.2 million kilometers.

At this distance, NASA believes that it poses no threat to our planet. According to NASA, these incidents are normal and they are tracking any object near the Earth that has passed or is passing by us.

Many of these asteroids are very large. Some are as big as the tallest buildings in the world and passing by us is dangerous. However, they are still millions of kilometers away from us, sometimes they can pose a threat in the future because the gravity of our planet can pull them closer and cause collisions.

NASA and other experts in this field ensure we have nothing to worry about. They believe that such a collision will only occur about 200 to 300 years from now.

And even when the worst happens, NASA plans to 'attack' the asteroid with a spacecraft designed just to protect Earth from space rocks. ' potentially dangerous " . The space mission is called the Double Asteroid Navigation Test (DART) . Accordingly, the spacecraft will crash into the asteroid to reroute it and avoid any possible collisions with the Earth.

So far, the largest asteroid NASA is tracking is orbiting the Sun 33km long.

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