Mysterious decoding: Why do cats love to sit in circles?

Whoever stays at home will serve the boss, then try this game. Your house cats are extremely likely to sit in a circle.

Egyptian ancestors worshiped cats more than 4,000 years ago, and it seems that our relationship with them has not changed so far. People always convince themselves who is the real owner in the house, but deep down, we know what the answer is.

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But the time has changed, Sen has a way to subdue these enemies, in just 3 simple steps: Draw a circle (with anything found like chalk, tape, wire .), then patiently wait, and see how well they are trapped.

Conduct a "cat trap" test with a circle

Let's go to a test on Cole and Marmalade - two old, lazy cat bosses, enemies of movement, and the most valuable candidates for this experiment.

After seeing the circle, Marmalade . turned her head skillfully and left the room, and Cole looked at us scornfully.

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But you know, cats are an unpredictable species. So their behavioral tests require patience.
After the fourth attempt (with a rancid call), the two have entered the circle and . lie flat.

Hypotheses about the odd behavior of cats

According to experts, cats love the feeling of safety in an enclosed space, (such as in boxes, drawers, or anywhere cramped), where they can reach out to observe their Jiangshan.

Professor Daniel Mill - one of the UK's leading experts in animal behavior, says cats can be attracted to a circle if it looks like a fence (made from a row of socks, a stack). long-sleeved cotton towels or animals.

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According to the professor, cats tend to cower, so that their eyes are obscured by the fence. It is a natural instinct from their ancient time, to deal with the enemy.

This hypothesis is suitable to explain how cats like to jump into rings with raised edges. However, the truth is that they also jumped into the circles drawn on the ground. So this will have to explain how.

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What are you looking for!

Another theory is that cats are obsessed with territorial ownership, and therefore think that such a clearly drawn area requires their protection. However, this theory is somewhat unreasonable, because cats themselves have thought the whole house is their territory. So why protect a tiny piece of land?

A more plausible explanation is that the answer lies in the cat's hearing. They are drowned out by scent, and thus "mark the territory" by "peeing" wherever they consider themselves as boxes, tables or chairs or even glide back and forth to brush their fur My stuff up.

" If you draw a circle with sticky tape, you're creating a new smell that can appeal to cats," Professor Mills said.
Vicky Halls, a cat behavior consultant, said that most cats are innocent people who are curious, so when they encounter something strange, they . come back to check if it is dangerous. or not

In short, no matter how awkward it is, in the eyes of Sen, Boss is cute.

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