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The actual scientists began to care about these mysterious circles from the early 80s of the last century. They appear most in the cereal fields of England and appear only at night, even within minutes! They are often combined with the appearance of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). There have been some strange discoveries that make people think of the presence of extraterrestrial intelligence.

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A circle on the field in Canada
(Photo: cccrn)

People call them 'crop circles', that is, a circle formed on the field, the graphics transform from simple round motifs to large and complex geometric symbols. The oldest circle was officially recorded in Nature (English) in the nineteenth century. Since 1980, in England alone there have been about 800 mysterious circles. And about 9,000 circles are recorded around the world in the next 30 years.

Over time, these circles become more and more complex. Initially just simple circles, but then turned into very complex images. They are present in some cereal growing countries such as Australia, Japan, Russia, Canada, France, and the United States, including on other surfaces such as the snow face of the Himalayan mountains. Southern England seems particularly convenient to observe this phenomenon.

Although the number of circles increases constantly in the world, 90% of this circle appears less than 65 km from Stonehenge, in southern England. Some circles are also present on banned military lands, such as Salisbury, also in England.

In the relevant fields, the plant stalks are not cut or broken. They are tilted and then finely woven into a spiral. When it is concentric circles, the direction of the spiral is reversed in each successive circle. Chemical analysis of sloping cereals in some circles shows that these plant stalks withstand an intense temperature for a few seconds. Analysis of a circle in the UK shows the presence of 10 rare radioactive elements that are not present in conventional plants. These are: Lead 208, Europium 146, Tellurium 119 m, Lodine, Bismuth 205, Vanadium 48, Protectinum 230, Ytterbium 169, Rhodium 102.

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A circle in the field near Grove Forest (Photo: dudeman)

These radioactive elements do not exist in their natural state, but must have magnetic resonance accelerators or unified reactors to synthesize them. Since 1993, the analysis has been further strengthened. Tiny iron balls were discovered in the vast majority of circles. These iron marbles are always discovered inside circles and never outside.

Treats or trickery?

In September 1991, two artists named Douglas Bower and David Chorley declared to the press themselves as the authors of nearly 200 circles over a period of 15 years. They also demonstrate their artifact techniques in front of camera lenses! But this evidence is completely unconvincing. Because, they cannot explain how these circles appear almost simultaneously in many countries, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia, etc. In addition, they cannot explain how Do they achieve images that are nearly 700 meters across in just one night? Finally, it should be emphasized that hieroglyphs appear in every country, even in Canada or Japan.

On the contrary, since 1991, certainly extensive publicity by David Chorley and Douglas Bower has raised many competitions in this area. Even some fake ones are encouraged by TV channels as well as big magazines. Like The Guardian held a competition for creating 'crop circles'! But anyway, through these competitions, the more scientists see the huge difference between human circles and the real 'crop circles' . However, today chemical analysis of stems in some 'crop circles' has shown that they are not human works.

Proof of an intelligent alien life?

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A circle on the southwestern England field (Photo: joytravelonline)

If we go from the principle that these drawings do not originate from nature or human beings, then we have only one possibility: that is because of the hands of aliens! But why did they come to the earth to draw attention to these drawings to end up hurrying like that?

Some people see messages in it, others consider it a technology help. What is the purpose? The truth is that many of the circles present near Avebury and Stoehenge certainly motivate many to have a natural or anti-natural explanation. One cannot deny that these circles exist and the results of their analysis show a great mystery. Today, they are no longer simple circles and are no longer unique in grain fields, but they have begun to appear in rice fields, pine forests and on snow-capped mountains. Turkey. It is impossible to have an idle person climbing the snowy mountain top to draw those mysterious circles that joke with the world. Before these factors, we have to give time to answer .

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