Mysterious circles in the UK

Many mysterious circles lie close to each other like a snake reaching over 100m in a wheat field in Wiltshire, England last month.

>>>Strange circles "from the sky"

Experts say these circles simulate the phenomenon of Venus - the twin planet and orbit in the orbit of the earth - moving between the earth and the sun from late June to early July. , BBC reported. 105 years of this phenomenon happened only once. Venus is just like a black dot flying through the sun.

Amateur photographer Matthew Williams - said he was happy to capture such a strange image. This person named it "sunfish".

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In spring and summer colors, people here still see giant circles with many different shapes. While a researcher said that the great beauty of circles could not be created by humans, Matthew Williams said it was due to farmers' shaping skills.

Previously, there were many solutions to the appearance of many circles in the wheat field in Wiltshire. Some say that some scientists have created them through the efforts of volunteers. However, many opinions suggest that people do not have enough time to complete the circles in one evening because they are too big. There are also some who claim to be the message of an extraterrestrial civilization.

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Previous research on mysterious circles in the field, such as the study of physiologist WC Levengood, has revealed abnormalities in plant cells, thought to be caused by rotating plasma energy or similar matter. like partially ionized gas.

Levengood wrote in his 1994 study, published in the journal Physiologia Plantarum: "Affected plants have components that show the relevance of fast moving air, ionization, electric fields and sudden high temperature combined with an oxidized atmosphere ".

"A naturally occurring and orderly force, combining all these characteristics, is an ion plasma vortex."

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