Strange circles in England

People in the fog country discovered many large concentric circles on a vegetable field last week.

Picture 1 of Strange circles in England

5 concentric circles in canola fields in Wiltshire county on April 14.Interleaved between them are symmetrical arcs of decreasing size.Photo: Daily Mail.

Circles - nearly 20 meters in diameter - were discovered on a canola field in Wiltshire, England, on April 14. One of the giants of field circles is photographer Lucy Pringle, who said: "None of the hundreds of shapes that I have captured have any shape that matches one another."

The formation of circles in the field is still a mystery. Some argue that some scientists have created them through the efforts of volunteers. However, many opinions suggest that people do not have enough time to complete the circles in one evening because they are too big. There are also some who claim to be the message of an extraterrestrial civilization.

Another theory is: A huge energy source accumulating 70-400 km from the earth's surface (where many ions are) has launched into the canola field and created circles. Previously, some strange shapes were discovered on the fields in Wiltshire county.

Picture 2 of Strange circles in England

The lines form a bee-like image at Milk Hill, Wiltshire county in 2004. Photo: Daily Mail.

Picture 3 of Strange circles in England

Huge rectangle at East Field, Wiltshire county in 2003. Photo: Daily Mail.

Picture 4 of Strange circles in England

A picture of a three-dimensional space at Silbury Hill, Wiltshire county in 2007. Photo: Daily Mail.

Picture 5 of Strange circles in England

Last year it was discovered that a Pi-like shape was in mathematics on a barley field near Wroughton, Wiltshire county. Photo: Daily Mail.

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