Mysterious mummy suspected of belonging to aliens in Russia

The mummy of the alien Kyshtym is less than 25cm long and has 4 bones instead of 6 bones in the skull like a human.

In 1996, Russian police discovered a tiny creature in the town of Kyshtym in the Chelyabinsk region, following Disclose TV.

Due to its small size and strange shape, the mummy is called Kyshtym alien . Local medical experts conduct autopsies and conclude that this mummy is not human or animal. He believes this is an unprecedented form of life. Dr. Stanoslav Samoshkinm is the person in charge of the pathology department at the local hospital when the authorities bring the alien mummy to analyze.

Picture 1 of Mysterious mummy suspected of belonging to aliens in Russia
Mummies of tiny creatures are much different from humans.(Photo: Disclose TV).

"The organism is not human. The skull consists of 6 bones. The skull of the organism has 4 bones. There are many differences in bone structure. These abnormalities are not the same as the congenital malformation according to current knowledge " , Samoshkinm concluded after a thorough inspection of the mummy.

With a length of nearly 25cm, the mummy has a bulging and distorted head. Its large eye socket occupies most of its face. Researchers speculate that while alive, Kystym aliens have a very different appearance from humans. However, it is close to Ata, another mysterious mummy found in the Atacama Desert in 2003.

Researchers cannot determine the origin of Kyshtym aliens. The UFO learner and expert of the mysterious phenomenon Vadim Chernobrov flew from Moscow to examine the body and concluded that it was a concussion detection.Preliminary gene analysis indicates that the body does not belong to humans.

However, the labs could not verify Chernobrov's assertion because the mummy had disappeared without a trace. Police investigated the conclusion that someone had stolen the body from the hospital room.

In addition, some strange accidents led to rumors of alien mummies carrying curse. Shortly thereafter, researcher Tamara Prosvirina died of a car accident. Chernobrov himself suddenly paralyzed from the waist down during the study of strange organisms. His illness quickly became severe and he died shortly after. Another victim of the curse from the mummy is scholar Mark Milkhiker, who is seriously ill while conducting a body investigation. He died of a heart attack after returning to Moscow.

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