Mystery story 'vampire' knows how to control corpses

Arnold Paole - The most notorious vampire in Europe in the 18th century. Arnold Paole revived after death, attacked and turned many people into blood-sucking vampires creating horrifying nightmares throughout Europe.

From innocent farmers to "bloody" vampires

Arnold Paole was born in Meduegna, north of Belgrade, an area of ​​Serbia that was later part of the Austrian empire. Paole served in the army and returned to his homeland in 1727, where he bought several acres of land and built a farm.

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For many years, Medvegja village always has many mysterious vampire phenomena

Paole built a family with a young girl in the neighboring village. People describe, Paole is an honest, kind man who is always ready to help the townspeople and for many travelers to stay home for free.

One fine day in 1728, Paole panicked to tell his family and neighbors, he was bitten by a man who was "vampire" . Everyone then laughed at Paole, arguing that he was paranoid when he created a bite on his body and a creepy story. But from here the mysterious phenomenon began to take place.

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Since Arnold Paole's death, many victims have been attacked and sucked on macabre blood

Not long after that, Arnold Paole died and was buried in a cemetery near his home. The cause of death is a broken neck when falling from above. Some of his relatives recounted, after saying he was bitten by Paole, hiding in the house during the day. When night falls, he climbs up to the roof of the house to watch the moon and howls in strange sounds.

Ever since Paole's death, the villagers have been witnessing more and more strange events.The shorter day and the night stretched out in the middle of the summer, the wolves came from where they pulled and attacked people when it was dark. The most frightening is that many people witnessed the flesh and blood Paole walking on the road around the graveyard.

Just one month after Paole died, the villagers discovered four extremely mysterious dead men near the cemetery, they were bitten into the neck and bleed to death. Too frightened, everyone believes that Paole is a real "vampire" , if he does not act quickly, he will continue to attack and kill the people in the village.

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The corpses were unearthed intact, although they were buried a few months ago

Everyone decided to excavate Paole's tomb. When the lid of the coffin was opened, everyone was amazed at the appearance of the corpse, Paole's body had no trace of decay. Hair and nails are still growing, on the mouth, eyes have dry blood that is hard to understand.

Frightened, the villagers slammed wooden poles through the heart of the corpse, then burned his body. Strangely, during the process, many people heard small moans echoing in their heads and a strange liquid flowed from the pile.

Burning the body of Paole has not satisfied the people. They believe that all Paole victims will also become "vampires" . To ensure the safety of the village, many hunters pierced the corpses found near the cemetery and burned them. The mysterious events from there also disappeared, making people believe that they won a real evil demon .

The nightmare comes back

A few years later, in 1731, the nightmare returned to the small village. The ears of each other have 16 other vampires appearing at the cemetery. Four of the vampires are babies. Among them, 3 "little" vampires are buried with their mother.

For many consecutive nights, more than 10 innocent people were attacked by a man in the dark, they were bitten on the neck.

Some people died immediately, some people were lucky to be saved but a few days later suddenly died mysteriously.Medvegja cemetery becomes the scariest place that no one dares to come even in the morning.

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Many people believe that, every night, countless victims have risen and harmed the living

The villagers hired many witch hunters to hunt down the villain, but the hunters themselves were attacked and many were killed. More seriously, many nights, people across the village saw dead people wandering on the road. Too helpless, they had to write to save the government's help.

After reading the rescue letter, the Austrian emperor set up an investigation team headed by anatomist Johannes Fluckinger . He began to excavate the tombs to verify the words of the people in the area. The first body examined was Milo, a farmer who was found dead on the road with a bite on his neck.

And surprisingly, his body was completely intact, without any smell, despite being buried for nearly 2 months. The investigation team continued to excavate all the graves of the deceased.

As a result, 17/40 bodies were dug up in a completely intact state. All such bodies were piled and burned. A lot of corpses made horrible groans when they were pierced through the heart by wooden piles. A British journalist who arrived in town wrote a message describing the body of a girl like this: "She is sleeping, her face is bright, her skin is white and the scariest thing is she has been buried 6 months ".

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This is considered by the vampire Arnold Paole

In 1732, Fluckinger introduced his investigation material to the Emperor. The report quickly became a shock to the whole society when it was concluded that the events in Medvegja were caused by "vampires" , the only way to deal with them was to pile up and burn every death. Exam in the cemetery.

The report also said that Arnold Paole was the mastermind of everything, he was revived and harmed the innocent villagers. Fluckinger said that there is no way to destroy Paole, the best way is that people should be more careful and limit the way in the dark.

Scientific explanations

The incident in Medvegja is the first time that evil stories have been carefully recorded in history. But for scientists, these documents have yet to convince them.

They reasoned that, in the early eighteenth century, Southeastern Europeans always believed in the existence of "vampire " people. When encountering cryptic diseases or strange phenomena, anyone will blame the devil.

However, scientists also gave a scientific explanation about the corpse still intact and ruddy as follows: "When a corpse decomposes, water in the tissue gradually changes. Now, the inner layer outer skin peels off and the inner layers begin to liquefy ".

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The inner layers will often have a more rosy appearance and may appear on new skin. While decomposing, gas accumulates in a corpse, causing strange things. Pressure from gases can cause blood to flow from the mouth, eyes , and look horrible. When there is a device to pierce the corpse, it contains a lot of decomposing gas, it is easy to make horrible sounds.

The most unbelievable thing is that Fluckinger brings a long report, but there is no accompanying proof, all the bodies are burned to ashes. This makes the existence of the "vampire" in Medvegja a less convincing event.

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