NASA found the ideal place for life in the Solar System

That place is Europa, the moon of Jupiter. The findings, presented at the Goldschimidt Conference in 2020, show that some of the signs occurring in the oceans are ideal conditions for thriving extraterrestrial life, ScienceAlert reported.

NASA scientists say the radioactive decay force or tidal force is capable of generating enough heat to make the ice in Europa melt so that water can exist in liquid form. On Earth, experts believe that many forms of life formed by volcanic vents in the ocean make water temperatures rise.

Picture 1 of NASA found the ideal place for life in the Solar System

Photo NASA found the ideal place for life in the Solar System

Europa has a surface of salt, similar to the oceans on Earth.

The latest study comes as NASA prepares to deploy its plan to Europa by 2024. The study aims to determine how to look for signs of life on Jupiter's moon.

NASA scientists Mohit Malwani Daswani and Steven Vance focus on studying the appearance of water below the icy surface of Europa. They discovered that the heat of radioactive decay or interaction between the tides and Jupiter helped break down the minerals and turn them into water.

Melwani Daswani said: ' We have modeled the composition and physical properties of celestial core, silicate layer and ocean'. 

'At different depths and temperatures, the evaporation and dehydration of minerals also change. We've added the volatile substances, which are estimated to have been lost from the inside and see that they match the predicted volumes of ocean current, meaning they can survive in the ocean ' , he for more info.

Europa also has a salt-containing surface, potentially similar to the oceans on Earth. According to NASA's team, based on the simulations, Jupiter's moon water can be slightly acidic, with high concentration of carbon dioxide sulfate and calcium.

'People thought the ocean might still have sulfur, but with our simulations, combined with data from the Hubble space telescope, showing chloride on the surface of Europa, that means Water is most likely to become rich in chloride, ' Melwani Daswani said.

'In other words, its composition is quite similar to the ocean on Earth. We believe this ocean could be quite suitable for life. '

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