New unmanned hi-tech ships will be built

In the next four years, Rolls-Royce will launch its own fully-featured cruise ship. It is also considered the first unmanned vessel in the world.

Few know that Rolls-Royce - the name associated with the luxury car brand and jet engine - is closely related to the maritime field. For years, the company has been in charge of both ship design and power systems integration.

Picture 1 of New unmanned hi-tech ships will be built
Rolls-Royce will soon launch a fully-featured, self-propelled vessel.

According to Oskar Levander, vice president of marine navigation, Rolls-Royce, said future vessels could be remotely commanded by captains from shore camps. Oskar Levander says that the current technology has allowed this.

Currently, tests for the self-steering boat control system have been conducted in Finland. Rolls-Royce says testing of sensor functions under different operating conditions and climate conditions is also underway.

Rolls-Royce, however, acknowledges that there are still a lot of work to be done, such as maritime regulations and strict inspection of safety and security procedures at sea when operating ships remotely. .

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Tests for the cruise control system have been conducted in Finland.

More specifically, the ship needs to be protected from attacks. A team of experts will be needed to prevent unauthorized hackers from accessing the ship's control system to a designated port. Rolls-Royce is working on this issue.

The question is why does it require an unmanned ship? Compared to the current model, the self propelled version will be redesigned to accommodate maximum cargo space. If properly tested, the operation of the unmanned vessel will, of course, save a lot of money for the operator.

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