Unmanned ships monitor submarines

The US military plans to test unmanned ships specializing in tracking diesel-electric submarines next year (2015).

Leidos, a US technology and security solutions firm, said the Modern Defense Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is completing an unmanned series of unmanned surveillance vessels , abbreviated as ACTUV .

Picture 1 of Unmanned ships monitor submarines
Photo simulating ACTUV activity while following a submarine - (Photo: Leidos)

According to Defense News, quoted Leidos CEO John Fratamico, ACTUV's state-of-the-art sensor technology, combined with the ship's design and architecture, allows support of naval missions when tracking the item. target submarines for a long time.

The floating ship designed the three-body ship and used new, non-traditional mixed structures at Christensen's shipyard in Vancouver, Washington state (USA), under the supervision of Leidos and Oregon Iron Works.

Leidos said ACTUV is equipped with short-range and long-range photovoltaic and radar systems, as well as other types of sensors that serve many intelligence, reconnaissance and reconnaissance missions.

For example, in an anti-submarine role, ACTUV can locate and monitor diesel-electric submarines at a distance, regardless of the depth of the target.

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