People are about to possess the ability to 'stealth'?

Researchers have successfully transferred the natural camouflage found in some species of squid, octopus . into human cells.

RT reported on June 3 that the team at the University of California Irvine (UCI), USA, has successfully cultured human cells capable of camouflage similar to the skin of squid or octopus.

While many see this as a science fiction movie, UCI researchers claim that this is essentially hard science - using systematic observations, experiments, and sometimes math to knowledgeable.

Picture 1 of People are about to possess the ability to 'stealth'?
Humans can transform themselves into "invisible". (Illustration).

"Our research project focuses on the design and manufacture of cellular systems and tissues with controllable properties for transmitting, reflecting and absorbing light," said Atrouli Chatterjee, lead author of research and expert on chemical and biomolecular engineering at UCI, said.

Chatterjee is inspired by the female squid Doryteuthis - able to change the skin's coating from milky to near transparent as a defense mechanism, using the Reflectin protein.

The team has made a number of particles based on the Reflectin protein and implanted into human cells to give it this unique "stealth"  ability.

"We were surprised to find that the cells not only reflect reflexes but also" encapsulate "proteins in spherical nanostructures and distribute them everywhere in the cell," said Gorodetsky, co-author of the study. , said and emphasized the mechanism of human cells that works almost the same way that squid and octopus often disguise.

The team also tested whether the cells were able to "turn on or off" this ability to camouflage using external stimuli. The researchers put cells into two glass plates coated with salt but at different concentrations.

Cells that are more exposed to sodium chloride scatter more light and are more prominent than their surroundings.

However, this breakthrough has only been exploited in the laboratory. Therefore, the ability to create "invisible" people is still very far away.

Some octopus, squid and marine creatures have specialized tissues in their bodies, allowing them to use light and blend with their surroundings to make it impossible for predators or prey to detect.

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