Porsche cooperates with Boeing to produce flying supercar

Porsche on October 10 revealed the concept of a luxury electric flying car, a project in cooperation with Boeing to exploit the flying taxi service after 2025.

Picture 1 of Porsche cooperates with Boeing to produce flying supercar
Conceptual drawing of the vertical landing aircraft of Boeing and Porsche.(Photo: Futurism).

German luxury sports car maker Porsche is partnering with Boeing to produce an all-electric all-in-one vertical take-off (EVTOL) , aimed at providing high-class urban air transport services. future level. A team of engineers from the two companies said they are finalizing the design drawings and will soon embark on building the first prototype.

Looking at the concept drawing, it's easy to see that the flying car is inspired by Porsche's iconic luxury car designs with a sporty, sleek design and very elegant lines. The vehicle has two short wings, large windows and two exhaust pipes like a jet plane.

Picture 2 of Porsche cooperates with Boeing to produce flying supercar
Vehicles with Porsche iconic design.(Photo: Designboom).

Boeing and Porsche are among dozens of companies interested in urban flight taxis. Last year, rival Airbus also showed off their vertical landing vehicle, Vahana, during a test flight in Oregon. However, as one of the largest aerospace and car manufacturing companies, Boeing and Porsche have the financial and technical capacity to achieve their goals soon.

"We are combining the strengths of the two leading companies in the world to compete in an important market segment in the future," said Detlev von Platen, a member of Porsche's board of directors. "In the long run, Porsche wants to head to the field of three-dimensional space travel."

A study conducted in 2018 by Porsche Consulting predicts that the aviation market will grow significantly after 2025. The vertical takeoffs will allow passengers to move quickly and flexibly. and more efficient than conventional forms of transport. So, although it hasn't revealed a specific launch date, Porsche and Boeing flying cars are likely to be launched at this time.

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