Production of fish spotted by artificial method

Tuyen Quang Fisheries Department has just researched and gave birth to spotted snakehead fish by this method on the scale of 63 lentil spotted parents.

Implementing the project "Applying advanced techniques of producing spotted fingerling spawn by artificial breeding method" , Tuyen Quang Department of Fisheries has just studied and successfully spotted grappling fish like this method on model of 63 lenticular fish spotted parents.

This is the first time Tuyen Quang has spotted fish successfully spawned by artificial methods.

Picture 1 of Production of fish spotted by artificial method
Breeding fish production. (Artwork: Huy Hùng / VNA)

Ms. Nguyen Thi Vinh An, Director of Tuyen Quang Department of Fisheries said that the Department of Fisheries has given artificial spawning fish for 3 times, has collected more than 10,200 fry. After reproduction, the survival rate of broodstock reaches 75%; fertilization rate reached over 60%; hatching rate reached over 45%. The branch has bred 10,200 fry, nearly 15,000 fry after 15 days, the survival rate reached 58%. Breeding fry fish on fingerlings, after 30 days, over 3000 fingerlings were raised, the survival rate was 51.5%.

Tuyen Quang Fisheries Sub-department is continuing to rearing to improve the artificial production process. By the method of artificial reproduction, the spotted mackerel is able to gain weight quickly. After 6-8 months, the fish reaches 300g / head, compared to 1 year in nature. Besides, the reproductive cycle of fish shortened to 3 months, equal to 1/4 of the natural cycle.

Succeeding in the production of spotted mackerel with artificial methods will contribute to diversifying the source of breeding fish, especially those of special fish with high economic value, contributing to increase income and create jobs for Ethnic minorities live near river and lake basins.

Catfish is a highly valuable and endangered catfish. Succeeding in the production of spotted palm fish by artificial method will open a new prospect for aquaculture in Tuyen Quang province. Breeders can take initiative in breeding animals to develop commercial farming on a large scale.

Tuyen Quang province has nearly 12,000 hectares of water surface, especially Tuyen Quang hydropower reservoir capable of aquaculture, has favorable climate conditions to develop specialty fish species with high economic value such as Anh Vu , fish lentils, fried fish.

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