Real damage about immortals on the island of Gavdos

Located in the southernmost of Europe is a beautiful small Greek island called Gavdos, ideal for those who like quiet, away from the bustling life.

Located in the southernmost of Europe is a beautiful small Greek island called Gavdos, ideal for those who prefer to be quiet, away from the bustle of life.

From the victim of Chernobyl

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Beautiful Gavdos Island.

Why are these strange people on the island? First, it is related to a tragic event in history. At Ivankiv Raion, north of Kiev Oblast, Pripyat city, at that time belonging to the Soviet Socialist Republic of Ukraine, Soviet Union (former), on April 26, 1986, a catastrophic accident occurred at the House. Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant , killing many people. 

Radioactive substances affect the western part of the Soviet Union and Europe, causing environmental and health problems for nearly 7 million people.

Among those affected by radiation, a number of scientists volunteered to come here to study. One of these is Andrei, a famous Russian nuclear physicist. In this desolate place, he was seriously ill. Realizing that, there is no effective remedy for radioactive sequelae,

Andrei thinks of other ways to sustain life. Instead of going to Moscow for treatment as directed, he went to a village near Stavropol, Russia, led a simple life, worked hard for sweating and drank vodka, which he thought had the effect of detoxifying the body.

In particular, he focused on mystical measures with the purpose of extending life, toward immortality. Later, he gathered people of the same situation, including many Russian scientists. They began to study philosophy and esoteric theory to form a new direction of thinking. 

Accordingly, working hard and maintaining a strong mind can change the body's ability. They believe that, with the power of will, meditation, eliminating the traditional ideas of life and death, we can basically reprogram the body to never die.

After 10 years, the team members increased to 30. They decided to find a place separate from the world to pursue their own way of life. And the island of Gavdos was discovered. This is a small island, about 30km area 2 , Libyans rose from the ocean, the island next to its bigger brother, Crete.

To the immortal researchers

Called simply 'Group' or 'Russians' , upon arrival they surrounded themselves with mysticism. Although the people of the island know this group quite well, it is inevitable that rumors spread. People started weaving about the work the group did. 

Some say they have seen strange structures built by this group, like a large, blue pyramid, emerging among the bushes, like some incomprehensible ruins from the culture. Ming Dynasty, then a building built in the style of ancient Greek temples, with mysterious carvings.

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As soon as they arrived on the island they surrounded themselves with mystery. People started weaving about the work the group did. 

There are still many legends and rumors that are hard to recognize. Norwegian filmmaker, Yiorgos Moustakis, made a documentary about the island and secret group here, saying: 'Many urban legends surround the group. Some thought they went to the island to treat radioactive infections. Others say they are spies of KGB or CIA '.

Their specific methods of reaching the goal are unknown, but many argue that the group's ideology is mixed with simple lifestyles, practicing mystical rituals, religious studies, esoteric philosophy and Scientific experiment. What they aim for is reprogramming the human body and achieving immortality.

For them, death is not inevitable, but can be stopped or stopped. A member of this community explained in an interview with the sheet

Worldcrunch: 'The body is more likely to change that we don't use. Why? Because we have created for ourselves a way in which change is not necessary, with the notion that man who is born and dies is immutable law. 

I used to work at a research center and saw the whole future in control, leading me to the last point of death. So I decided to change the process, not to follow that path, but to create a different path for my life. '

How did they achieve this? Many people try to find answers and even some detectives have tried to infiltrate the group to discover what they are doing, but all failed. The filmmaker Moustakis believes that the group of most of the former scientists was not a charlatan or a fanatic and they knew what they were doing. In other words, they certainly have a theoretical background to operate.

In the late 1990s, Andrei's group moved to the island. At that time, only a few people here lived on the fishing net. Deep inside, away from the neighborhood, they formed a subsistence community, cultivating food crops and other plants.

They also build mysterious laboratories and practice mystical rituals. They believe that it is possible to reach the next stage in human evolution, in which the longevity is possible.

One of the community members explained: 'There is no new generation in our community. We are the last generation. We do not produce people in the cycle of birth and death. They are not needed '.

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