Real story of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra

Cleopatra, the queen of ancient Egypt inspired countless works of art over the past two thousand years. But is Cleopatra beautiful like legend?

>>>Cleopatra - the most powerful woman of the ancient world

The famous queen of ancient Egypt named Cleopatra VII Philopator. She is often referred to simply as Cleopatra. Although many other Egyptian Emperors also have this name, they are almost forgotten. Queen Cleopatra came to power when she was only 17 years old and ruled ancient Egypt from 51 - 30 BC, before Christ was born.

Her beauty legend is based on her relationship with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony - two powerful Roman leaders. But did she really own the beauty that tilted the water into such a way? To answer, let's look at historical and archaeological evidence.

Picture 1 of Real story of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra
Photos of Cleopatra Queen on ancient coins.(Photos: Wikipedia)

Two centuries after Cleopatra ruled ancient Egypt, the Roman historian - Cassius Dio described Cleopatra as "a woman of exceptional beauty" and "extremely intelligent". And Plutarch, a Greek historian, said that "her beauty is not outstanding enough to make anyone who just met must be amazed."

No bust was supposed to portray Cleopatra but we have her different images on ancient coins. In these pictures, her appearance is very ordinary, her nose is masculine and masculine. However, money in the ancient world is only for political propaganda purposes. Maybe she deliberately portrayed a masculine portrait to legitimize the rule of a young queen.

It should be noted that the concept of the beauty of the ancient people is very different from that of the modern world. 'Is Cleopatra beautiful?' perhaps a useless question if she was really beautiful in the eyes of those who lived during that period.

Or maybe we need to understand that beauty is not a mere concept, related to the body. Dio historian also said that Cleopatra has "a sweet voice and knows how to make herself in harmony with people" . Similarly, historian Plutarch says that talking to Cleopatra "has an irresistible charm."

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Queen Cleopatra and son Cesarion.(Photo: Wiki Commons)

Cleopatra's charm comes not from the beauty of her body but from her intellect, personality and voice. Considering the deep relationship between her and Caesar and Antony, it is clear that she must have another attraction because both are celebrities who attract women so they will not easily fall to the Queen. only because she has a youthful and charming body.

Cleopatra's beauty is not superior to other women but thanks to her intelligence, charm and daring, she has approached two of the most powerful men of the ancient world.

The most famous beauty in the human history of Queen Cleopatra is the beauty radiating from wisdom and bravery. This is a great lesson for us about how to define beauty in the modern world.

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